Collected articles on Nicaragua from May 2018 to March 2019

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Collected articles on Nicaragua from May 2018 to March 2019

January to March 2019

Zoilaamerica and the Legitimate Demands of Nicaraguan Women, Jill Clark, 3/9/2019

Nicanotes: Carlos Fernando Chamorro and Confidential. Louis Richards, 3/6/2019

Dismissing the Truth Debunks Amnesty International’s Misleading Reports, 2/27/2019, As PDF

Fresh Eyes on Nicaragua: A Renewed Sense of Internationalism, David Archuleta, 2/20/2019

NicaNotes: Street Sellers, Trade Unionists, Contributors to Nicaragua’s Wealth, 2/6/2019

NicaNotes: Nicaraguan Government Workers to Maintain Economic Stability, Nan McCurdy, 1/30/2019

NicaNotes: Life Under The Dictatorship versus Life Under Sandinismo, Life Experiences of Emerita Vega, Translated by Susan Lagos, 1/23/2019

Another Defeat for Imperialist Feminism in Nicaragua by Nora McCurdy and Stephen Sefton, 1/22/2019

NicaNotes: Exclusive Interview with Nicaraguan Foreign Minister, 1/16/2019

NicaNotes: Luis Almagro Calls for Foreign Intervention in Nicaragua (Again), 1/9/2019

NicaNotes: US Nica Act Aims to Cut Nicaragua Access to Capital While Nicaragua Targets US Funding Pipeline to the Opposition, Chuck Kaufman, 12/2019/2019

September to December 2018

International Consortium of Independent Journalists Challenged for Exceptional Bias in Nicaragua Report, Nan McCurdy, 12/9/2018

The return of the nicaraguan contras and the rise of the pro-contra Left by Dan Kovalik 12/7/2018

Wales Nicaragua CYMRU, An Unusual and Extraordinary Threat, 12/2/2018

Nicaragua and the US Neo-Fascist Offensive, 11/2018/2018

Nicaragua, Venezuela and the Right to Development 30 years on, 11/2018/2018

US-funded NGO that sank $4.1mn into Nicaragua protests says it's 'misleading' to report about it, 11/17/2018

The Story of a Coup, Barbara Moore 11/16/2018

More Guardian Lies About Nicaragua, Nora McCurdy and Nan McCurdy, 11/14/2018

How a US government sponsored think tank obfuscates destabilization efforts in Nicaragua, 11/15/2018

The Importance of the Proposed State Policy for a Culture of Peace and Reconciliation, 11/13/2018

Refugee Caravan: Where are the Nicaraguans Chuck Kaufman, 11/8/2018

 The Troika of Tyranny: The Imperialist Project in Latin America and Epigones, Roger Harris, 11/7/2018

Nicaragua is a Victim of Double Political Standards, 11/6/2018

NSCSG October Briefing and Statement [on Nicaragua, 2018]

NicaNotes: Smoking Gun Shows Catholic Hierarchy Coup Involvement, Chuck Kaufman, 10/31/2018

Nicaragua – Health, Justice and the Failed Coup d’état. 10/16/2018

Why Didn’t He Report on the Torture He Witnessed? Nan McCurdy, 10/11/2018

Longtime Friend of Deported Guardian Reporter Speaks Out on Their Work Inhabiting the Role of a Foreign Agent of Imperialism, Max Blumenthal, 10/4/2018

The People You Meet In Nicaragua, by the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Relationship, 10/5/2018

The Nicaraguan Crisis: A U. S. Regime Change Operation, Camilo Mejia, 10/3/2018

The Parallel Universe of Nicaragua by Michael Boudreau, 10/4/2018

Discussion of Nicaragua’s Address at the UN in the Regional Context. CPR News (Audio)

Human Rights and the Failed Coup – Nicaragua - Five Interviews on the Human Rights Situation in Nicaragua, Stephen Sefton, 9/28/2018

How an American anthropologist tied to US regime-change proxies became the MSN's man-in-nicaragua by Max Blumenthal 9/26/2018

Complicating the Narrative on Nicaragua, James Phillips, 9/24/2018

NSCAG Debunks Amnesty Claims about Political Prisoners, 9/22/2018

The impact of the attempted coup: A Fair Trade coffee producer’s perspective, 9/2019/2018

Nicaragua's success threatens US stranglehold on Latin America by Lauren Smith 9/14/2018

Why Were There Fifteen Days of Protest Without Deaths from April 23 to May 10? Enrique Hendrix, 9/10/2018

Nicaragua: Scientific American Should Try Sticking to Science, Dr. Paul Oquist, 9/1/2018

Interview of President Daniel Ortega with Carolina Chimoy reporter for Deutsche Welle, 9/10/2018

Inaccuracies in NACLA’s ‘A Tale of Two Dictatorships.’ Nan McCurdy, 9/10/2018

The Guardian Continues its Shameless Misinformation Campaign Against Nicaragua and its People by Camilo Mejia 9/9/2018

Nicaragua and the New Yorker – a Personal View from Granada, Barbara Moore 9/8/2018

Popular Resistance: Open Letter Criticizes Human Rights Watch on Nicaragua, 9/10/2018

July and August 2018

Letter to the New Yorker, Nan McCurdy, 8/31/2018

Nicaragua – Lies, Damned Lies and the New Yorker, Stephen Sefton, Tortilla con Sal, 8/30/2018

Lee Camp, Truth Dig, 8/30/2018

Dismantling media propaganda on Nicaragua and Venezuela – interview, 8/26/2018

Distorting Past and Present: Reuters on Nicaragua’s Armed Uprising, Joe Emersberger, 8/25/2018

NicaNotes: Government Responds to IACHR’s One-sided Final Report, 8/22/18

Inside America’s Meddling Machine: The US Funded Group that Interferes in Elections Around the Globe
In this Grayzone special, Max Blumenthal attends a Capitol Hill gathering of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and explores the group's destabilizing global campaign to meddle in other countries' affairs. The report covers the NED's interference in foreign elections in Russia and Mongolia, its participation in coup attempts from Haiti to Venezuela to Nicaragua, and its escalating public relations efforts against China and North Korea. 8/20/2018

How Nicaragua’s “left-wing” Opposition MRS are NGO Opportunists Lobbying the West for Regime Change, 8/20/2018

Max Blumenthal discusses Nicaragua and the abuse of social media with RT’s Max Keiser, 8/2019/2018

What’s Left in Nicaragua After Ortega, Roger Harris, 8/2018/2018

Will More US Intervention Solve Nicaragua’s Conflict? James Phillips 8/17/2018

A Response to Misinformation on Nicaragua: It was a Coup, Not a Massacre, Charles Redvers, 8/17/2018

HARDtalk, BBC Interview with Nicaraguan Opposition leader and oligarchy member Juan Sebastian Chamorro, 8/14/2018

Nicaragua - Interventionist OAS Commission Not Welcome 8/15/2018
Includes 2-min interview with Max Blumenthal

Deepen the Model of Popular Participation, Carlos Fonseca Teran, 8/12/2018

Short video: Protesters were not denied medical care, 8/11/I8

Nicaragua: Varieties of Bad Faith, 8/11/2018

Trade Union Leader Exposes what the Media Won’t about the Latest US-Backed Coup Attempt in Latin America, 8/10/2018

Nicaragua’s Failed Coup, Charles Redvers, Open Democracy, 8/9/2018

Lessons from Haiti another view on the Nicaraguan crisis by Tom Ricker, Quixote Center, 8/8/2018

Misinformation on Nicaragua, 8/8/2018

Nicaragua: Dynamics of an Interrupted Revolution, Jeff Mackler, 8/8/2018

Peace leader speaks against US backed regime change in Nicaragua confronted by anti-Ortega opposition by Roger Harris, 8/7/2018

Open Letter to Democracy Now! Criticizing Their Nicaragua Coverage. 8/6/2018

 Max Blumenthal on the Violent Undemocratic Uprising in Nicaragua. Kevin Gosztola, 8/6/2018

US Empire’s Hidden Hand in Push to Overthrow, Eli Clemente Grijalva, 8/6/2018

The NGOization of Nicaragua, 8/6/2018

What is really Happening in Nicaragua: Interview with Camilo Mejia, Marin Community Center, 8/3/2018

NicaNotes: We are Seduced by the Fact that the Children Eat and Go to School, Kathy Hoyt, 8/2/2018

Nicaragua: Fake News Narrative as a Function of Regime Change, 7/31/2018

Short Visual Video: What Happened in Nicaragua, 7/31/2018

How Washington and soft-power NGOS manipulated Nicaragua's death toll to drive regime-change and sanctions by Max Blumenthal, 7/30/2018

13 Takeaways from an Interview with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega by Max Blumenthal, 7/30/2018

An Exclusive Interview of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, 7/30/2018

Radio Interview with Chuck Kaufman, 7/30/2018

Anatomy of a massacre - events in Morrito, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua July 12th 2018

The massacre in Morrito by John Perry, 7/28/2018

The Guardian Criticized for Misrepresenting the Truth on Nicaragua, 7/27/2018

Max Blumenthal Interviews Nils McCune on What Happened Beginning April 18, 2018, 7/26/2018

NicaNotes: The Case Against Daniel Ortega, Chuck Kaufman, 7/25/2018

After the Failed Coup, After All the Lies, Nicaragua Rebuilds. 7/25/2018

Interview with Camilo Mejia and Nils McCune, 7/23/2018

Violent coup attempt fails in Nicaragua - US continues regime change efforts by Kevin Zeese, 7/22/2018

Interview with Kevin Zeese: Pushing for Regime Change in Nicaragua, Interview, Redacted Tonight 7/2019/2018

Interview with Dan Kovalik and Max Blumenthal, 7/2019/2018

Nicaragua defeats the Not-So-Soft-Coup by Stephen Sefton, 7/17/2018 

Whats really happening in Nicaragua interview 7/17/2018/

With cynical theater Nicaragua's opposition erase their crimes to facilitate US intervention, 7/15/2018

NicaNotes: The MRS is not “Left” or Democratic, Chuck Kaufman, 7/11/2018

Correcting the record - What is really happening n Nicaragua, Nils McCune and Kevin Zeese, 7/10/2018

Monopolizing death: Or how to frame a government by inflating a list of the dead, Enrique Hendrix, 7/8/2018

Father murdered in Nicaragua 10 days after they murdered hi son 7/8/2018

Nicaragua's President Ortega : We're here to bury Hatred 7/7/2018

Understanding the conflict in Nicaragua - the long battle against US imperialism 7/6/2018 by Celina Stien-Della Cross

The Masks are Worn on Both Sides, Interview with Jacinto Suarez by Carlos Dada, 7/6/2018

The art of demonstrating by Alex Anfruns, 7/5/2018

Nicaragua – Legitimacy and Human Rights, Stephen Sefton, 7/4/2018

What's happening in Nicaragua 7/4/2018

System of Central American Integration calls for peace, 7/1/2018

The regime change tool box of the United States by Barbara Koeppel, 7/1/2018

April, May and June 2018

Interview of Nan McCurdy - starts at 34:40 and lasts 35 minutes. Chico, California community radio station interview 6/29/2018

Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare
This gives information on the CIA manual given to the contra. Many of the tactics are being used now by the opposition in Nicaragua.

NicaNotes: Why are the Police not able to Control the Violence, 6/27/2018

Interview with founder of Popular Resistance, Kevin Zeese on Venezuela and Nicaragua, 6/27/2018

Nicaragua - Breaking out of the Soft Coup Psychosis, Stephen Sefton, 6/25/2018

Nicaragua crisis- the perspective of a Fair Trade coffeee cooperative 6/25/2018

Nicaraguas paramilitary opposition wages intimidation and media terror campaign 6/24/2018

Real News Interview of Max Blumenthal, 6/23/2018

Update on Nicaragua - the National Diaogue is back on for now - Quixote Center, Tom Ricker on the Dialogue, June 22, 2018

Two months unrest nicaragua fateful crossroad by John Perry, The Nation, 6/22/2018

Nicaragua's crisis - the latest stage in a permanent war by Stephen Sefton, Tortilla con Sal, 6/20/2018

The NED's useful idiots by  Joyce Nelson, 6/20/2018

US government meddling machine boasts of laying the groundwork for insurrection in nicaragua by Max Blumenthal, 6/20/2018

Democracy Now interview with Paul Oquist, 6/20/2018

Nicaraguan Opposition Suspends Negotiations: A Return to Violence? - The Real News Interviews Camilo Mejia and Trevor Evans, Part I 6/2019/2018 (Pt 1/2)

Nicaraguan Opposition Suspends Negotiations: A Return to Violence? Part 2 Interview with Camilo Mejia Very Good published June 19 (Pt 2/2)

The US and Nicaragua - a case study in historical amnesia and blindness by Dan Kovalik, 6/15/2018

Unidos en la lucha no nos moverán  by Carlos Fonseca, 6/14/2018

What the media is getting wrong about the violence in Nicaragua by Tom Ricker, 6/13/2018

Open Letter to Amnesty International by a Former Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience by Camilo Mejia, 6/13/2018

Former Prisoner of Conscience Condemns Amnesty International 13/6/2018

Nicaragua -Defeating the not-so-soft coup by Stephen Sefton 6/12/2018

A Personal Account from the Day the Opposition Attacked Granada and Burned the Municipal Building, Barbara Moore, 6/10/2018

Update on Nicaragua - Interview about the situation in Masaya 6/7/2018

US Latin America  regime change tour now playing in Nicaragua by Whitney Webb, 6/7/2018

The media are on tiral - Peter Ford's preentation at teh Media on Trial event in Leeds, UK 6/7/2018

Nicaragua unrest - US fingerprints 6/7/2018

NicaNotes: Let’s Think about the Consequences of Our Actions, Chuck Kaufman and John Kotula, 6/6/2018

NicaNotes: Perspective on the Nicaraguan Crisis from Someone Who Lived There for Thirty Years, Nan McCurdy, 5/30/2018

Telesur — “Rebellion or Counter-Revolution: Made in US in Nicaragua?" 5/30/2018

NED funded center produced this report. It shows people think there is good media pluralism in Nicaragua

Manufacturing dissent - the NED opposition media and the political crisis in Nicaragua by Tom Ricker, 5/11/2018

NicaNotes: Internationalists, What Exactly are We Supporting, Chuck Kaufman, 5/9/2018

Laying the groundwork for insurrection - a closer look at the US role in Nicaragua's unrest by Benjamin Waddell, 5/1/2018

List of articles and other resources covering April to July, 2018