Live from Nicaragua : Uprising or Coup? - A Reader

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A book produced by the Alliance for Global Justice

In 2018, Nicaragua suffered its worst political violence and upheaval since the end of the US backed Contra war of the 1980s. Extremely polarized controversy persists about what caused last year’s conflict, how it developed and what it means for Nicaragua’s people now.

Written and edited by over 20 people with unquestionable commitment to grass roots democracy and community development in Nicaragua and the region and an anti-imperialist vision of peace and justice for all, "Live from Nicaragua : Uprising or Coup?" challenges the mainstream and much alternative media coverage of events in Nicaragua in 2018.

It is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the events of 2018. As Gabriela Luna notes in her foreword to the book:

“The attempted coup was intended to eradicate not only the Sandinista Front from political power in Nicaragua but also to tear Sandinismo from the heart and historical memory of the people.”

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