Exposing the false UN Council for Human Rights report on Nicaragua

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Links to material refuting attacks instrumentalizing human rights to smear Nicaragua

PDF reports

Nicaragua 2018 - Dismissing the Truth

Nicaragua 2018 - Uncensoring the Truth

Open Letter to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission

"Nicaragua's indigenous peoples -neocolonial lies, autonomous reality"

Interviews and reports

Interview in 2018 with senior official of the Public Prosecutor's office

Interview with Dr. Zacarías Duarte Castellón, Director General of Nicaragua’s Institute of Legal Medicine

Interview in 2018 with Nicaragua's Health Minister Dr. Sonia Castro

Interview in 2018 with Director of León’s “Oscar Danilo Rosales Argüello” Hospital and with the Director of León’s Integral Local Health Authority (SILAIS).

Videos posted by opposition activist of how they tortured sandinista captives

The attack on the sandinista radio station Nueva Radio Ya

El día cuando la oposición armada intentaba a matar a 21 periodistas en la quemada de Radio Ya

Attempted murder by opposition thugs of student leader Leonel Morales

How they tried to assassinate the president of the UNEN in the UPOLI

The UPOLI was a base for terrorists supported by the MRS and other US henchmen

Murder of Gabriel de Jesus Vado

The torture of Sander Bonilla

La quema opositora de una familia de seis personas en el Barrio Carlos Marx en Managua, Junio 2018

Sniper fire in Jinotepe that killed two police officers

Ciudades secuestradas – caso Jinotepe

Foreign Minister Denis Moncada Colindres addresses the Permanent Council of the OAS July 11th
This July 2018 Nicaraguan government statement refers to events in Jinotepe including the murder of Roberto and Christopher Castillo and the illegal detention and abuse of 400 truck drivers from all over Central America.

Illegal detention by roadblocks of over 400 large trucks along a 7km stretch of the Pan-American highway south of Diriamba for more than one month from June 5th, depriving hundreds of drivers of food and water, making extortion demands and ignoring international demands for their release.

Bismarck Martínez - Abduction, Torture and Murder

El ataque asesino de paramilitares golpistas en Morrito, Rio San Juan - 12 de julio 2018

Attack on police at Mulukuku

Interview with Deputy Commissioner Ramon Zavala Olivas, survivor of the Mulukuku attack

Entrevista con Reynaldo Urbina sobreviviente de tortura en Masaya

Videos covering events of May 30th 2018

30 de mayo 2018 - Crónica de una masacre on-line

Policia Nacional : Hechos delincuenciales del 30 al 31 de mayo 2018

"The IACHR and the Special Monitoring Mechanism for Nicaragua said they found no signs of torture in the Office of Judicial Assistance facility. Nor have we"

Dan Kovalik's video Nicaragua – “The April Crisis and beyond”
including footage of a visit to the La Modelo prison in Tipitapa

Acusación Fiscal inicial en el caso de la Fundación Violeta Chamorro y otras

Legal background to arrests of people involved in treasonous actions against Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Electoral Council: "We are servants of the people of Nicaragua, public servants to the people of Nicaragua and that is why we carry out this responsibility in the best way we possibly can"

Are Nicaraguan Migrants Escaping ‘Repression’—or Economic Sanctions?

Nicaraguan migrants at the U.S. border – “pushed” or “pulled”?

How UNHCR exaggerates the number of Nicaraguan refugees