How they tried to assassinate the president of the UNEN in the UPOLI

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Dick and Mirian Emanuelsson, 1ero de junio 2019…

The coup alliance that last year attempted to overthrow the government in Nicaragua comprised business people, students, traitorous former Sandinistas (of the MRS Sandinista Renewal Movement), news media, NGO leaders with US funding and direct links to Nikki Haley (Trump's UN ambassador) as well as criminal groups of  lumpen proletariat in Managua and elsewhere.

The first center of operations in the attempt to overthrow Daniel Ortega's Sandinista government was the Polytechnic University of Managua, the UPOLI. The young Sandinista Leonel Morales had been chosen by the students as their representative before the university authorities. The intention of the coup plotters was to kill him. And they almost succeeded. We talked to him.

The nucleus of the coup described above destroyed and occupied the Polytechnic University of Managua, the UPOLI. There they installed an Operations Command, torture rooms, areas to manufacture weapons and explosives and a clinic with medical doctors. They used the parking lot to fill it with stolen cars, vans and buses. National and international media made a pilgrimage to UPOLI to get the latest news. They became corporate media heroes.

Part 1:

The attempted coup d'état began at the UPOLI and the terrorists believed they had assassinated the students' president, Leonel Morales.

We relate now the story of the case of Leonel Morales, a student union president elected by the thousands of Upoli students. Six weeks after they occupied the university, the terrorists kidnapped him, tortured him and shot him four times.

Then they threw him from a truck, dumping him on the highway, believing Morales was already dead. But instead of dying, Morales regained consciousness and threw himself into a gully with a stream of water. There he lost consciousness and later woke up, shouting for help.

But it all started on April 19th with the capture of the Upoli. President Ortega called on the Episcopal Conference to mediate in a dialogue process that began on April 26th. Leonel Morales, as sectional president of the National Union of Students of Nicaragua [UNEN] in the UPOLI, occupied by the coup plotters, was called on by President Ortega to participate in that dialogue.

In a video Morales expresses the following [1]:

"Now there is a group of people who are not students, who are led by people from the MRS. There is no Upoli student there. At the table where the new board is being organized in representation of the students and the people themselves, they are not the university students, they are not Upoli students, they are people who are being financed and represented by MRS leaders."

The statement caused a furious reactio with Morales making new enemies that would later almost lead to his death.

"Today we come to kill you!

On June 13, 2018, Leonel Morales was kidnapped from his girlfriend's house.

Leonel Morales : "That day was something very horrible for me, for my family, for my girlfriend. It was 7pm and I was in the living room with my girlfriend having dinner. There were her two little brothers who are 10 and 11 years old and we heard a commotion, a lot of commotion involving a number of people.

"At that precise moment. . they entered the house by force. They opened the door. They came in shouting, all of them hooded, shouting, "Get down on the floor, get down on the ground!

"They threw me to the floor, face down, hitting me on all sides, kicking me, hitting me with weapons, because they were all armed. They pointed at my head and said, `We're here and today we'll kill you! And so. . it was all chaos at that point. I was with my camioneta and nothing else. They searched and searched, rifling my wallet, my mobile phones and they grabbed the keys to the camioneta and got into it saying, 'Let's take it, let's take him and kill him!' "

Leonel was pushed into the camioneta into the back seat. He had two people on each side, pointing guns at him. Those in the front beat him, hitting him on the head, in the abdomen.

Because of his affiliation to the Sandinista Front and being a student leader in
the UPOLI Leonel Morales was kidnapped, tortured and almost assassinated by the
coup plotters, openly backed by Donald Trump's administration.

Leonel Morales : "They took me through all the barricades of that sector of the UPOLI; the Americas, the Giorgio, Villa Progreso. At the first barricade we went through, they just said; `'Here we've got him now, we've got Leonel who was in the Dialogue, the one from Monday!' Everyone. . . since they were all armed, they started firing their weapons. 'Today I kill him... leave him to me...!'

Then they moved me from the front of the camioneta, where I was inside, they moved me to the back of the truck."

They all began beating him with their weapons, firing them and after that torture they arrived at a different barricade where they did the same thing and made the same promises to kill the young student, even fighting over who would kill him, who would shoot him first, who would rape him, who would kill his family.

Leonel Morales : "At that moment, I just asked God's forgiveness and that His will be done. Then, in the end finally they took me to UPOLI, because at that very moment they said, 'Open the gates, open the gates,  we've got him now!' And there were about 200 people and everyone shouting with joy."

Dick Emanuelsson : Like a trophy?

"Like a trophy, like they were carrying a trophy, like their coup had won, practically. Everybody was shooting. That's when I got my first shot, which was in this right part of my face, hitting me. That's when I lost consciousness. I don't know how long I was like that."

It is incomprehensible the hatred and evil expressed by
the right-wing opposition counterrevolution.

The coup activists drove in the van with Morales towards the sector of the Bello Horizonte district. That's where they threw Leonel into the road.

Leonel Morales : "I fell and when I fell in the road, I came to, I came to and I didn't feel the shot. I manage to get up, but I sat in teh road and there when I sat up, they were in the truck  in front of me and when they saw me then they said, 'He's alive, he's alive!' They come chasing towards me and the first thing I did was run to my right.

On the right there was a rainwater canal and I just ran and threw myself into the canal. When they came after me, they started shooting with all kinds of weapons. I waited a while for them to leave, because I was hit there in the canal where I fell. When they left they started shooting so no people would come out of their houses. I managed to sit up in the canal, but when I sat up, I felt pain in the right side of my abdomen, I couldn't breathe."

Dick Emanuelsson : Because you also got shot in the abdomen?

Leonel was shot three times in the abdomen, with
serious complications Photo: Miriam Emanuelsson

Leonel Morales : "I feel like I was out of breath, I was out of breath. . . I started touching my whole body, I touched my face. My lips were swollen, my eye swollen. I began to touch myself here where I had the shot, I had a big hole."

Dick Emanuelsson : Did the shot go out the other side?

Leonel Morales : "Yes, it hit me here, the shot deflected, fractured my jaw completely. I start touching myself on my body, my body also had holes. . . Here in my part of my abdomen I was hit by three bullet impacts, as well as the one in head, there were four bullet impacts. I managed to sit up. It's just that, I felt like I was short of breath. I touched my ears and didn't feel them. I started calling, "Help, help, help, help me, help me"! but nobody could hear me. So in front of me there was a bridge where people were passing by and a couple passed by when I shouted: "Help me, please help me"! and they didn't hear me. They walked on."

"Then a boy in a white shirt passed by, he walked by and I shouted again, crying; 'Help me, please, help me, I'm dying, I'm dying!' He walked past and then came back. When he returned, he said, ' Are you are Leonel?' ' Yes, brother, help me please, I am dying, help me, help me!'  'Wait a moment!' he said to me, 'Wait for me!' "

The boy went to call all the neighbors who came out to rescue the young college student, who was practically dying. They called the ambulance that came and raced to Managua's Baptist Hospital.

Leonel Morales : "I completely lost consciousness at the Baptist Hospital. I was dead, with no vital signs. They put me on a machine. If I didn't respond within 72 hours, I would be disconnected. But God gave me strength, God gave me life again because he found me, he took me to a beautiful paradise. I spent four days in a coma, four days in a coma and during those four days I was a paradise from above in heaven. The doctors operated on me. I had three bullet impacts here in the abdomen."

Dick Emanuelsson : Had you lost a lot of blood?

Leonel Morales : "A lot of blood. I had a fractured jaw from the bullet. I woke up four days later at the Velez Paiz Hospital. That's when I remember everything again, everything. But in my part of my face, as the bullet impact affected me, then my teeth made me like this  (points with his fingers). I couldn't control them. I had to put on a rag so I wouldn't chew. Because my teeth were completely damaged.

The terrorists' first shot at Leonel was
to his face Photo: Miriam Emanuelsson

The Sandinista patient spent three months at Velez Paiz Hospital. Because as a result of this bullet they put a plaque on his left side. In the right side he had rejection of the plaque.

Leonel Morales : "They introduced me to the operating room about 15 times to clean me up because there was infection. And then it began to heal and it healed completely. The wound in my abdomen healed completely. But this one (in the face) was the most complicated, the process was slow. But thank God I made it. People don't believe me. People think it's a lie. People believe that I did it on purpose or the government ordered me to do it. Not at all! Because it's not like that, because I was defending a position in which I was close to the government of our Comandante (Daniel Ortega) And just because I had a political position or just for having loyalty to a political party, I was the victim of this massacre, of the coup d'etat that the opposition wanted to carry out. They hurt me in every way psychologically, at the beginning, and then physically."

He says that no vital organs of his body were damaged. After seven months his wounds have healed completely.

To our question about whteher he is protected by the security forces since his life is in danger, threatened by the opponents of the coup he ntoes that yes, many times at night they tried to get into the Velez Paiz Hospital, to kidnap him again and finish him off.

Any day now, four of the terrorists who tried to murder leonel Morales will be released from prison. This is what the opposition so-called "Civic" Terrorist Alliance demands as a condition for continuing the Dialoguewith the government. The Sandinista government, in order to achieve "reconciliation," has fulfilled its part in the negotiations while the right wing coup promoters do not, refusing to demand that the U.S. revoke the sanctions of its "Nica.Act". Terrorists will be free to walk the streets of Nicaragua, but they certainly will not be safe. They have created death and hatred in the population and some say they would be safer staying in jail.

FOUR OF THE TERRORISTS who kidnapped, tortured and tried to assassinate Leonel Morales.