Message to ex President Jimmy Carter and his family

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(unofficial translation)

Gobierno de Reconciliación y Unidad Nacional
Unida Nicaragua Triunfa

Managua, November 19th 2023

Brother Ex-President
of the United States
Mr. Jimmy Carter

Family of Ex-President Jimmy Carter
and Madam Rosalynn Carter

Friends and Brothers, Sisters:

We have learned with sadness the announcement this afternoon of the departure to another Plane of Life of the ex First Lady and Friend of the World's Countries and Peoples, Madam Rosalynn Carter.

Conscious of the deep bond between her, her husband and her children, we offer our Prayers and Fraternal Embrace in Solidarity with Human Beings whom we know, respect and appreciate very much.

We will always think of you in a special way.

With recognition and fraternity from People to People.