Nicaragua confirms its definitive withdrawal from the OAS

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Gobierno de Reconciliación y Unidad Nacional
Unida Nicaragua Triunfa


Foreign Minister Denis Moncada Colindres

Monday, November 20th 2023

1.     This November 19th 2023, marked the second anniversary of the Government of Nicaragua's renunciation of the Charter of the Organization of American States (OAS) and, according to its Article 143, that Charter now has no effect whatsoever in relation to the State of Nicaragua. We are definitively withdrawing. Nicaragua no longer has any relationship, nor are we any longer members of that infamous organization known as the OAS.

2.    Nicaragua, its People and its Government of Reconciliation and National Unity are separated, disassociated from that interventionist Organization, an instrument of intervention of the unipolar, decadent and hegemonic Government of the United States of America.

3.     The OAS continues to be the Ministry of Colonies designed and organized by the North American power to cover up and justify its aggressive actions, violating international law against the Progressive and Revolutionary peoples and Governments of Latin America and the Caribbean.

4.     The OAS embodies the extension of the power and interference of the U.S. Government against the Independence, Sovereignty, Welfare, Peace and Security of the peoples of the Hemisphere.

5.     This reality is self-evident and demonstrated by such indelible aggressions against the Peoples and Governments of Our America, as the overthrow of President Jacobo Árbenz in Guatemala in 1954, with United States support.

6.     In April 1961, the United States Government, from Miami, organized, financed and directed the Bay of Pigs invasion against Cuba with the complicity of the OAS and the support and participation of the dictatorial governments of Somoza in Nicaragua, Idígoras Fuentes in Guatemala and Villeda Morales in Honduras, where the mercenaries were trained, using the ports and airports of those countries for the aggression that was defeated by the Cuban People and their armed forces led by Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz. In January 1962, continuing with the development of its Monroe Doctrine, the U.S. Government used the Organization of American States to exclude Cuba from that Organization in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

7.     The military coup in Brazil against President João Goulart in 1964 and the seizure of Brazilian industry.

8.     The military occupation of the Dominican Republic in 1965 during the government of Professor Juan Bosch.

9.     The military coup against the socialist Government of President Salvador Allende on September 11th 1973 and Operation Condor that bloodied the peoples of South America.

10.    The aggression of Britain against Argentina in April 1982, seizing the Malvinas Islands, is ignored by the OAS, while the Reciprocal Assistance Treaty (TIAR) created by the United States, faded away and lost its meaning.

11.    The invasion of Grenada in 1983 overthrew the progressive government of President Maurice Bishop.

12.    Panama was invaded by the United States armed forces in 1989 causing destruction and thousands of deaths .

13.    The coup d'état against the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, in April 2002 was supported by the United States Government and the OAS, but that coup was thwarted by popular support for the Bolivarian Revolution.

14.    In 2018, the U.S. government and European Union governments ignored the democratically elected Government of President Nicolas Maduro, so as to promote a presidential puppet and usurp the representation of the Government of Venezuela in the OAS Permanent Council.

15. The Constitutional President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya was overthrown by a coup d'état in 2009, expelled from the US base at Palmerola, and by means of underhand maneuvers in the OAS the return of President Zelaya and his legitimate Government was prevented.

16.     In September 2010 there was a failed coup attempt in Ecuador. President Rafael Correa was kidnapped but finally released.

17. The OAS has supported legislative coups d'état following guidelines of the United States Government and in 2012 a Parliamentary coup d'état took place in Paraguay removing President Fernando Lugo.

18.     In the year 2016, the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil carried out an illegal political trial against President Dilma Rousseff, whom they impeached while later prosecuting and imprisoning former President Lula. With the interference of the United States, they politicized the judiciary in order to carry out a coup d'état, using their so-called, but fictitious, rule of law.

19.     The falsehoods of OAS electoral reports were the spearhead for the coup d'état in Bolivia and the overthrow of President Evo Morales. An anti-people crime for which the Secretary General and other OAS officials have to answer, as well as other crimes in this hemisphere.

20.    Nicaragua is located in the Central American strategic area where the United States projects its imperial geopolitics.

21.    The OAS has repeatedly taken interventionist actions against Nicaragua, violating the principles of non-intervention in internal affairs, respect for the Sovereignty of States and the Right of Peoples to freely choose their destiny, principles recognized in international law and contained in its Charter. This interventionist action was demonstrated by their involvement and biased actions during the failed coup d'état of 2018 in Nicaragua.

22.    Faced with these interventionist and neocolonial acts, we reaffirm that we are NOT a colony of any power, and we claim national dignity and decorum in legitimate defense of our Independence, Sovereignty and Self-determination and for this reason, with dignity, the Government of Nicaragua, on November 18th 2021, renounced being part of that Ministry of Colonies, and repudiated the OAS Charter.

23.    The institutionality of Nicaragua based on its Political Constitution, its Legal System and the Policies of our Government, establish that Independence, Sovereignty and National Self-Determination are inalienable rights of the People, they are the essence of Our Identity, that is why it is the duty of all of us Nicaraguans, to preserve and defend those rights.

24. And we do so with our heads held high, with Dignity, with Patriotic Love, persisting in our unwavering decision to make a reality, as we are doing today, the effective Renunciation of the OAS Charter, such that, today, its harmful international effects against Nicaragua have already ceased. We are free of links and ties with that entity of the Empire which has caused a great deal of damage to Our America and to Nicaragua.

25. Our dignified and patriotic renunciation of that Charter, in the face of the interventionist, unfriendly and aggressive actions of the OAS, led by the United States, is a reality. We no longer have relations, Nicaragua is totally disassociated from the OAS, Nicaragua has ceased to be a member of that Organization subordinate to the North American empire.

26. With this communication from the Government of Nicaragua, the Sandinista National Liberation Front, Compañero President Comandante Daniel Ortega Saavedra, Compañera Vice President Rosario Murillo we close the harmful chapter of the Organization of American States whereby our Country contributes to the progressive disappearance of the unipolar hegemonism of the West, strengthening multipolarity for a Just, Equitable World, with Peace, Security, Stability, Development and Progress for Humanity and for the Nicaraguan People who continue their Revolutionary process of a Free Nation, Dignified, Sovereign and Always Beyond.

Thank you Very Much.