Nicaragua's message to the CELAC Summit

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Gobierno de Reconciliación y Unidad Nacional
Unida Nicaragua Triunfa


Comrades, Sisters and Brothers
Presidents, Heads of State and Government,
Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Delegations,
Brotherly Peoples:

We live moments of high intensity in Our America. Peoples rise up against continuous injustice. Our Peoples rise up demanding Sovereignty and Rights. The Heroic Peoples of Our Caribbean America walk with Historical Courage, reclaiming, as we deserve, the Right to live our Independence with the free will to choose our own Destinies, and to repudiate the already precarious and useless desires for dominance of the genocidal, Colonial, Imperialist and Neocolonialist Powers.

We are living in historic moments of a World that is changing, and we all have the responsibility to take care of ourselves and the Planet, our Cultures, Languages, Models and Ways of Life, from the permanent threat of extinction, from those who intend to continue subduing and dominating, maintaining a model of suffocation of all Cultures, and of prevalence of their order and command, which we do not accept, to continue homogenizing the Planet around their devaluations and nonsense.

In these moments when the Banners of Popular Struggles are Clamor and Vigor, Honor and Glory of Indigenous Peoples, Afro-descendants, Creoles and Mestizos, throughout Our America, those voices reach this CELAC meeting in

Buenos Aires, Argentina, demanding Coherence and Dignified Representation of those Battles that we wage to continue recovering what is ours, that which belongs to everyone, and cancelling the perennial attempts at cultural, political, economic and social humiliation and domination.

In this Meeting of Heads of State and Government of our CELAC, Nicaragua demands, with the vibrant voices of our Peoples, the incorporation of Clear Examples of National Dignity, which are presented throughout the Continent, honoring so many National Heroes and Forefathers who have fought and shed Holy Blood, defending our right to live calmly, in peace, Solidarity and Togetherness, in accordance with our Principles and Values of Great Peoples, which have made and are making History, with our Sacred Rebellions, against the barbaric occupations and permanent invasions of the Colonialists, Imperialists and Neocolonialists of the World.

We bring to this Meeting of Heads of State and Government of our Community of Latin Americans and Caribbeans States, the inextinguishable voices of Bolívar, Martí, Sandino; of the Great Ones of Our America, the Eternals, President Benito Juárez, President Salvador Allende, Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz, Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara and Comandante Hugo Chávez Frías, among other Immense; who demand of us decency and learned strengths, internalized, lived and being lived, so that the genocidal imperialisms respect us, once and for all.

We have Priorities and we know how to defend Life, in terms of Climate Change and its consequences; in terms of the fight that must be relentless against Poverty; in terms of the continuous fighting against Terrorism, Coups, Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime and all the plagues that come to us from other Worlds... We have absolute Priorities, like the Unity of Our America, fulfilling the Dream, the Aspirations, the Prophecies, Visions, Mandates of the Great, who have marked out the Path and the Destiny that, as Legendary Peoples, we deserve, and we must continue building.

Unity that gives us Strength... Unity, which turns us into Warriors of Light, Life and Truth, in the Always and Beyond, spiritual, material and profound, that identifies us and that we recognize as a Daily Guide.

Unity that gives us Strength... Unity of All, for the Good of All... Unity in the Supreme Dream of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, of Martí, of the Giants of Our Caribbean America.

Unity, which must mark these other hours, the time for New Memories of Freedom, Dignity, Fraternity and absolute repudiation of foreign intervention, in any form; aggressions, invasions, interference... of the blockades and economic wars... of what they call Sanctions, that are nothing more than greater aggressions, all illegal, arbitrary, one-sided; offenses, threats, humiliations, interventions, occupations...

We must resist and reject everything that opposes the Future, the Luminous Horizon of our Peoples, where we do not allow more looting of our own Natural, Cultural Resources, and where the genocide imposed on us over the centuries by the Colonialist Powers, is not only denounced, but it becomes a Battle Hymn against criminal wars, in Songs that demand Peace, Peace, Peace.
From Our Blessed, Sovereign and Always Free Nicaragua, we salute the Heads of State and Government, their Peoples, Foreign Ministers, their Delegations, encouraging and calling for us to continue gathering Energies, Victorious Energies, Prodigious, Amazing Hopes, Enlightenment, Imagination, Creativity and Innovation, to continue illuminating the New Times of Liberation.

Nicaragua, a Humble People, Industrious, Creative, Tireless Workers, Champions over all forms of death; adheres to everything that proposes Unity to triumph over those who have always used the weapons of division, the desire for control, abuse, authoritarianism, degradation, arrogance, alleged superiority, to continue with their perverse logic of owners of the World.

We know that Peoples are the only Owners of History, Memory and Eternal Glory of all those who have preceded us in these inalienable Struggles, and have watered and fertilized with their Blessed Blood, the Liberty and Decorum of this America for so long. Vigor of so much Vitality, of so much Certainty, of so much Responsibility, in the Duty to advance, grow, and live Fully.

The World urgently needs Justice and Peace... Solidarity and Respectful Cooperation. The World needs comprehension, understanding and affection. The Better World that we all want to create, needs, urgently needs, Respect, Peace, Solidarity and the Capacity to Coexist, sharing the Scientific and Technological Developments, that costs us all.

We sing and vibrate in Life and Hope, and in the midst of Struggle We Move Forward... Always and Beyond!

Will we be handed over to fierce barbarians?
Will so many millions of people speak English?
Are there no longer noble hidalgos or brave knights?
Will we quiet now only to cry later?

I have launched my cry, Swans, among you,
who have but the faithful in disappointment,
while I feel a flight of American foals
and the last rattle of an expired lion...

...And a black Swan said: "The night heralds the day."
And a white one: "The dawn is immortal, the dawn
is immortal!" Oh lands of sun and harmony,
Hope still keeps Pandora's box!

Ruben Dario
The Swans

Thank You.

Greetings from Nicaragua
Blessed, Sovereign, Always Free