Nicaragua's message in the 3rd Teheran Dialogue Forum

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Gobierno de Reconciliación y Unidad Nacional
Unida Nicaragua Triunfa


Denis Moncada Colindres, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Tehran, Iran, Monday, 19th December, 2022.

Brother Hossein Amir- Abdollahian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Chairman of the Third Tehran Dialogue Forum;

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Institute of Political and International Studies of Iran;

Ladies and Gentlemen Representatives, Directors and Outstanding Experts of Political Thought Centers of Participating Brotherly Countries, Special Guests;

1. We thank and congratulate the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Brother Hossein Amir- Abdollahian, Minister of Foreign Affairs for organizing and holding this third annual meeting of the "Tehran Dialogue Forum" organized by the Institute of Political and International Studies of the Foreign Ministry of Iran and we convey the fraternal greetings of solidarity of the President of the Republic of Nicaragua, Comandante Daniel Ortega Saavedra and Vice President Rosario Murillo, the Government and People of Nicaragua to all the participants.

2. The world is undergoing a process of change and profound transformation aimed at strengthening multilateralism, multipolarity, defending the existence of Sovereign States and Free Peoples.

3. In this changing reality, this year's motto "The Neighbor Policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran: An approach towards friendship and trust", constitutes a key element for the construction of a new world order, a world of Peace, based on respect of sovereignty, independence of countries, international law at a level of relations of equality, recognition and respect for the internal policies of different countries with their own cultures, identities and forms of government.

4. This is a Forum of friendship, good neighborliness and mutual trust, since we uphold just and dignified causes, inalienable rights and a vision and action aimed at building a multipolar World that benefits humanity.

5. The transversal crises that affect the peoples of the hemispheres and continents, their global and regional implications, have their epicenter in the decadent North American hegemonic empire and its Western European and NATO allies. The US elite government, using countries of the European Union, NATO and Ukraine as a catapult for aggression against Russia, continue to expand towards the East, transgressing international law, threatening the security and integrity of the Russian Federation, endangering International Peace and Security, and the stability of many countries.

6. Negotiations and diplomatic efforts are essential to guarantee Security and Peace and to prevent the US Government, NATO and the European Union from using Ukraine to justify a third world catastrophe, as envisioned by the US Strategic Thinking Group of Santa Fe, in its Santa Fe document number four (IV), affirming that the United States is engaged in the third world war and that it must take the initiative since its own survival is at stake.

7. 5 days ago on 14TH December, the 22ND Summit of Presidents of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America - Peoples' Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) was held in Havana, Cuba to celebrate, commemorate, 18 years of unity and commitment to Latin American and Caribbean integration, initiated by the Presidents of Cuba, Fidel Castro and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez.

8. In this meeting, the President of Nicaragua Comandante Daniel Ortega Saavedra reflected, "Since the last century, since the year 1856, the first battle took place in Nicaragua, where the Yankee expansionist aggressors, who had imposed an American President in our country, William Walker, recognized by the Yankee government. They came to seize Nicaragua, which was to seize the passage of the Interoceanic Canal through Nicaragua. They were defeated.” They had already designed their Monroe Doctrine to take over all of the countries of Our America and they have now expanded that doctrine, to take over the world and make their hegemonic empire prevail at all costs.

9. Since that time, US imperialism attacks Nicaragua, which our people have resisted with patriotic dignity, defending themselves and achieving the triumph of the Sandinista Popular Revolution in 1979, the same year as the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

10. Nicaragua and Iran, Iran and Nicaragua are united by historical events of National Liberation, of anti-imperialist struggle, with dignity and national identity, against those who seek to destroy and subdue our peoples. They will not achieve that, we fight, we resist, we win. Our neighborhood transcends geographical borders and distances, our friendship is fraternal, we have confidence in a better multipolar, fair, inclusive world, respectful of States and nations.

11. The desires and the struggle of the States and peoples of the world for Peace, security, progress and integral development, collide with the meddling attitude and imperial hegemonism of the United States, the Western powers and NATO also subordinated to the Government of the United States.

12. Faced with this international reality, the President of Nicaragua, Comandante Daniel Ortega, at the recent ALBA-TCP meeting in Havana, Cuba also expressed:

13. “We have to continue opening spaces, widening spaces, because unquestionably, the battle is gigantic, we are facing what is a “Gordian knot” that Imperialism nailed, that the colonialist Nations nailed when the United Nations was created after World War II. Who created the United Nations? Who dictated these Principles so as not to comply with them? The colonialists! Make no mistake, let's not get lost.”

14. “And the great challenge that we have now in the world is the refounding of the United Nations, under the Principle of Multipolarity. It is time to create a New World, where the Principles that can be fulfilled are really established, or to enforce the Principles that are there in the United Nations and are not currently not being fulfilled.”

15. “ That is the field that we have in front of us, the conditions are taking place, they have been taking place, so that, from what is the imperialist imposition, that wants to continue maintaining its hegemony; it is necessary to break that knot, it is necessary to decapitate Imperialism, for what? So that Peace, Democracy and Stability can really reign in the World, and that then, the Principles of the United Nations are fulfilled.”

16. The Santa Fe Group affirms that the decline of the United States has hastened, its fall is foreseeable due to its cultural destruction, emptying of military capacity and the erosion of its military ethical culture, which has been a gradual process of reduction and progressive withering.

17. The United States and its hegemonic imperial power slides down a slippery slope that points to the ash pile of history. It is an inexorable process, a process in which the Western European and NATO caboose, also derails to the very precipice of history.

18. The Government of Nicaragua supports the Russian Federation in its efforts to promote peace, understanding, the peaceful resolution of conflicts, comprehensive security, as well as regional and global stability. Russia has the right to its active defense, given the eastward expansion of NATO toward the border of the Russian Federation, in joint aggressive actions of the Government of the United States, the European Union and NATO.

19. The Government and People of Syria continue to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity and in the fight against foreign aggression and international terrorism. All aggression against the Brotherly People and Government of Syria and the looting of its natural resources, visibly carried out by North American units, must cease.

20. Nicaragua is a free, independent, sovereign State, but there are still interfering imperial forces that threaten our People, Government and programs aimed at fight poverty and ensuring sustainable development. We continue to fight, with the Sandinista Front, the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity, and our People resisting and winning.

21. This Tehran Dialogue Forum gives us the opportunity to exchange points of view on transcendental geopolitics issues, in order to build a better world for the benefit of all, a Forum and a Path of Convergence with principles and with the values of Peace, Security, Stability and Dignity of nations that must be respected and continue to face great Social, Economic, Climatic, Cultural and Security Challenges.

22. Our People and Government support the end of all sanctions against the Sister Republic of Iran. We condemn all aggressions and acts of international terrorism and destabilization, against the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

23. The incipient post-pandemic recovery, after two years, has been threatened by the global, energy, inflationary, climate and food crises, aggravated by the coercive and illegal unilateral measures imposed by the North American Government and Western powers against the Russia Federation, China, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Syria, North Korea and other brotherly nations. We reject and condemn those imperial sanctions.

24. Nicaragua will continue to promote a culture of peace, of peaceful coexistence among sister countries, and we will continue to be in Central America and the region, a factor of regional stability, peace and security. Our brotherly and close friendship with the Islamic Republic of Iran is strengthened, we are good neighbors, regardless of geographical distance.

25. We convey our best wishes for success, health and prosperity for the Noble Brotherly People and Government of Iran, as well as the affection of all the Nicaraguan families. Our fraternal greetings to the Friends and Brothers who participate in this Forum, an appropriate meeting point for the exchange of ideas, experiences and constructive points of view, aimed at the Common Good of our peoples.

Thank you very much.