Betraying human rights - Carlos Fernando Chamorro's false reporting of the Morrito massacre

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Dick y Miriam Emanuelsson, 27 de enero 2019

Nicaragua during theviolent attempted coup d'état in 2018 - This is what happened during the paramilitary coup attack in Puerto Morrito in which four police officers and a teacher were murdered and nine policemen were kidnapped and tortured by opposition paramilitaries

This is how the coup-mongers murderous paramilitary attack happened in Puerto Morrito

PUERTO MORRITO JANUARY 27, 2019 / "Today is the day you whoresons all die! Hand in your weapons". These were the words and orders the police in Puerto Morrito received from Nicaragua's "peaceful and autonomous opposition" who arrived at the police station and mayor's office on July 12, 2018.

Later, non-commissioned officer José Omar Matamoros Morán was hit by a bullet in the knee. 10-15 minutes later he saw four of his comrades at the station dying and drowning in their own blood.

He and eight other comrades were kidnapped and taken to roadblocks at two junctions on the highway, tortured by the people touted overseas  as "peaceful demonstrators" and also "autonomous".

But on July 12th 2018 a group of 200 heavily armed paramilitaries attacked the police station and the municipal offices administered by the Sandinista female mayor of Puerto Morrito, a small municipality and port on Lake Cocibolca.

The attack killed four policemen and a primary school teacher. Twelve policemen were wounded, and nine policemen were kidnapped and tortured by the assassins, organized by Medardo Mairena and Pedro Mena, two opposition leaders attempting to overthrow the Sandinista government of President Daniel Ortega.

Nine policemen were kidnapped and tortured by opposition paramilitaries

"We were under fire for about ten minutes. I was going to go downstairs when I felt the bullet hit me in the knee. The Commissioner's order was; while they don't shoot, we don't shoot," says Sub-Official Ebert Mairena Martinez, 23, who was also tortured by the terrorist attackers.

"We were taken to the Morrito junction and the Lóvago junction, there we were left at the junctions where we were beaten with the butts of rifles and shotguns. We spent approximately two hours at Lóvago's junction," he says.

He shows marks on his head where he was beaten so that he almost lost consciousness. Now, he sometimes has difficulty with his memory and suffers constant head pains.

So what happened?

"They reached an agreement with the Chief of Police in Juigalpa (a nearby city) who had captured one of the opposition terrorists by the name of "El Gringo". If the police handed over that person, they would hand over us too, in exchange, Ebert says.

It was opposition paramilitari who attacked the municpal offices!

He concludes, "What they said they were going to do was peaceful (that is, hold the march that the mayor's office had given him permission for in the morning) but it never happened...We trusted them to do so, but they didn't...."

"They came with the intention of attacking us and killing us all...We still trusted them like 'bro's', but they got out of their vehicles there in the street, surrounded us and shot at us from there and as for us...", he says and raises his hands.....

"Without giving time for anything they began to shoot, Marlon and a comrade were killed where they were out at the back", and he points to the back of the police station which at the time did not even have a wall to keep out potential attackers.

The day after the attack, the "Confidencial" media outlet of Carlos Fernando Chamorro, offered three scenarios, all based on artifices from their favorite source, namely, the social media networks.

First, Chamorro presents the official version of the police and comments, "A video divulged by members of the peasant movement reveals that at least three officers or three other citizens were attended by volunteer doctors and that the attack came from the Mayor's Office of Morrito itself".

The opposition paramilitaries killed the primary school teacher in Morrito!

The video itself could have been recorded anywhere in Nicaragua and has no acknowledged source or credit, only that it was uploaded to the page of "Movimiento Campesino de Nicaragua", that is to say by supporters of Medardo Mairena and Pedro Mena.

Chamorro claims that "nine officers received medical attention", that is to say the same number of police the terrorists kidnapped and tortured! As for "the wounded" not one of them shows a single injury.

All one sees are some individuals in a warehouse or garage complaining of injuries and with supposed drip feeds but no visible needles, giving "greetings to my mommy, please don't worry" that almost provoke laughter.

And these hard men give thanks for the excellent medical treatment from their Nicaraguan "White Helmets"!

Chamorro continues with another version of the Gene Sharp regime change script when he maintains in his text that "three officers received medical attention" although Mairena and Mena's text mentions nine. In any case, Chamorro mentions at least three officers, but, for goodness sake Chamorro, what are their names !

And he continues his baseless, phony report in a way which has nothing to do with serious journalism, " 'When the march passed through one of the streets adjacent to Morrito's municipal offices, the mayor's husband began to shout insults at the demonstrators, who responded to the insults, people became animated, there were shots in the air, there was confusion and the shooting began,' said a local source, who asked not to be identified."

“Words can't express the pain I feel for my brother”

Of course he is not identified.

So what Chamorro is alleging is that the mayor's tough guy husband challenged 200 demonstrators armed with AKA-47s, pistols, mortars and shotguns and that suddenly turned everything into uncontrollable chaos.

Does Chamorro take the Nicaraguan people for complete brutes?

But Chamorro's third version is the most fanciful and very much part of today's media war, accusing voluntary police auxiliaries as the real killers, who, even in the presence of a crowd of armed opposition terrorists chose to murder their own police officers, supposedly for refusing to shoot unarmed demonstrators outside the police station.

Chamorro suggests that this is the reason the opposition activists became furious and arrested the nine policemen after  giving one of them, as the vulgar saying goes, "a good seeing-to".

From his self-imposed exile in Costa Rica, since the Nicaraguan authorities froze his NGO's bank accounts and now the gringos send him his dollars directly in that neighboring country, this is how Chamorro reports it,

"A third version indicates that the assassinated officers supposedly refused to repress the population and sought to try and desert, trying to get up onto a rural workers' truck, when they were attacked by paramilitaries and other police. This is why the rural workers also attacked the police station and the municipal offices. However, this version has not been confirmed or denied either by the police or the townspeople."

Mothers of the murdered police officers: "We can't forget such a crime, ever!

This is how producers of the "Fake News" work, in this case, as interpreted by Carlos Fernando Chamorro and his team.

But neither Carlos Fernando Chamorro of Confidencial nor Miguel Mora of 100% News or any of their opposition media colleagues ever arrived at Puerto Morrito to speak with the victims, the mothers of the murdered police officers, the mayor's security team and the rest of the municipal office staff, nor with the mayor herself.

On the contrary, firstly from his air-conditioned offices in Managua, but now shifted to San José in Costa Rica, he fabricates the lies that are then used as "trustworthy sources" by Luis Almagro of the OAS and his owner, Donald Trump, to serve as pretexts, to justify applying the NICA Act and thus to strangle the Nicaraguan economy, in the same way as they have done with Venezuela.

The journalism of Chamorro and others like him is to insinuate and invent. But in the service of whom?

Four policemen massacred, nine policemen kidnapped and tortured by the "peaceful, autonomous opposition".

Does Nicaragua not have the right to defend itself?