Muammar al Gaddhafi - "Ukraine is a real problem"

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Muammar al Gaddhafi, November 2008

By every possible means, I try to contribute to the creation of a free and secure world; so that the world's peoples can enjoy freedom and security, my people among them, and from this starting point and principle I state my opinion on serious international issues and problems whenever I can, hoping that this will have a positive impact on international politics.

In this article I refer to Ukraine, which I consider to be a real problem.

Ukraine is now considered an independent and sovereign country, and is a member of the United Nations, but this is not enough for Ukrainians, why? The reason is Ukraine's history, and even the history of the region, which dates back more than a thousand years, when Russia was not as it is now, nor Ukraine, but was called Kiev of Russia.

Ukrainians say Ukraine is the cradle, out of pride in its past, and they say the common demographic history of the region has made it difficult for their Russian brothers to see Ukraine as a State. They say there has been a confusion of the Ukrainian language for the past two hundred years. Ukrainians say that the whole history of Ukraine is a struggle for independence that lasted hundreds of years, and they won independence five times before the current one, but they say that this independence did not last.

Why? Because there were no guarantees for that independence, for the first independence of the Ukrainian state as an independent nation lasted six months and the second time it was for 3 months, and once it lasted 18 hours.

Russia officially does not oppose the independence of Ukraine, but recognizes that Ukraine is an independent, sovereign, neighboring and brotherly country.

So what is the real problem with this issue? The serious problem is that Ukraine wants international guarantees for its independence in order not to lose it again, so it says, but those guarantees are very difficult and dangerous for Russia, and that is the core of the problem and why it is so serious.

What Russia sees as a threat to its security and independence, Ukraine sees as a guarantee of its security and independence, this is the basis of the problem, and herein lies the extreme contradiction in the policies of the two countries.

It is clear that Ukraine wants to join the European Union and join NATO, and it sees this as the assured guarantee of its independence, but in fact it is a guarantee against Russia rather than against any other country, While the Russians say that these guarantees demanded by Ukraine are very dangerous challenges to Russia's security, they say that they are unnecessary; because Russia recognizes Ukraine as an independent and sovereign country.

In fact, regardless of the point of view of the two sides, the issue is very dangerous and is a real problem. If NATO comes to Ukraine, it means knocking on Moscow's door, and if the enemy knocks on your door, either you open it for him to enter or he can break down the door, this is the danger foreseen.

On the other hand, Ukraine responds to this fear by reassuring its sister Russia that the Ukrainian constitution does not allow granting foreign military bases on the Ukrainian territory.

Therefore, Ukraine believes that there is no need to be afraid as long as no bases are allowed in Ukraine, but Russia for its part responds in turn that the danger does not depend on the presence or otherwise of military bases, but that the Ukrainian territory in this case will be part of NATO territory, and that the alliance will be located on it even without fixed bases, such that the Ukrainian armed forces will also be part of the forces of the alliance member states, and this is unacceptable to Russia; Because it directly affects its security in such a dangerous way it is impermissible.

The Ukrainians claim that they only ask for international guarantees for their independence, and that they do not want to put Russia at risk, and that they are ready to sign any deal with the Russians to promise that Ukraine will not be a source of danger for Russia, but the Russians see that the danger exists as soon as Ukraine is a member of an alliance enemy of Russia, which is NATO, the Ukrainians say that we will not do anything against Russia, but we will do whatever is in the interests of Ukraine.

The realization of expansion plans by NATO to the east represents a direct threat to Russia's interests and security, and it argues that NATO is trying today to drag the former Soviet republics into its sphere of influence, which can only be described as a real danger to Russia.

During my visit to Russia and Ukraine, I noted the strained relations between Russia and Ukraine and became convinced that there are serious problems in the relations of the two countries. One of these problems is the Ukrainian leadership's quest to join NATO, especially because Kiev sees the alliance as a guarantor of its security, which cannot but raise concerns for Russia.

Russia's historical and contemporary situation and what it has seen as attempts to move from the West to the East, indicates that Russia is a target for Western expansion, and this began in the early 19th century with Napoleon's attempt to take over Russia's wealth, followed by Hitler's attempt during World War II to achieve the same goal with his armies.

With its eastward expansion, NATO is following in the footsteps of Napoleon and Hitler, taking advantage of the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the vacuum it left, because the West believes it achieved a Cold War victory over the socialist camp, and thus pushes to fill the vacuum surrounding Russia to tighten the noose around it and lay siege to it.

The NATO alliance's eastward expansion, its annexation of Eastern European countries and its attempt to besiege Russia from all sides is a dangerous provocation and an attempt to encircle and subjugate it. Russia is a country that cannot be easily besieged and defeated, as the facts of distant and near history proved, because Russia has military capabilities that make its reach difficult thanks to its possession of the nuclear triad, i.e., strategic missiles, long-range bombers and nuclear submarines.

The threat to Russia and the attempt to encircle it plunge humanity into a new adventure that differs from the adventure of World War II in that this time it exposes all of humanity to annihilation and destruction.

In addition to this basic problem, there are other minor problems, however they are also bad, and if they are not solved can bring about unpleasant complications, and their solution seems beset with great difficulties. Ukrainians describe them as thorny problems such as the problem of the island of Tuzla, the continental shelf, border demarcation, the city of Sevastopol, the Russian military base, and what happened in 1932-1933 (the story of the famine), which Ukrainians say is a condemnation of a hated past, not a condemnation of Russia. There is also Crimea where almost 20% of its population are Russians.

Thus the picture of the real Ukrainian problem appears, as I intended to expose and clarify it on my part after my visit to Russia for the first time after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and my visit to Ukraine for the first time after its declaration as an independent country.

By this I mean that all parties should be aware, and this could help to evaluate positions and consequences before adopting policies that may harm world peace that concerns my country, as well as all peoples, and those policies may also harm the people promoting them. Therefore, the parties involved are very important parties in the world and their confrontation will inevitably harm international peace and security. These parties are, Russia, the European Union and NATO.

* Note by compañero Mohamed M. Lashtar "This is what the Guide Muammar Gaddafi wrote about Ukraine as if he were speaking today."