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The Duékoué massacre and Latin America

Climate Justice – a forlorn hope

December in Nicaragua – symbolism, sacrifice and hope

Paul Baker Hernandez - a lifetime of solidarity and music

La Purísima - a tradition of identity, solidarity and resistance

El Güegüense – an indigenous satire of empire

Nicaragua's Canal - the environmental and economic arguments

Sport and stability in Nicaragua – the protagonism of youth

Remembering Carlos Fonseca Amador

Nicaragua – highlighting failed US policy in Central America

AUDIO : Comentario sobre las elecciones del 25 de octubre en Argentina

Revolutionary stability versus regional destabilization

Destroying Gaza – Egypt poisons the water, Israel does the massacres

Trusting President Santos – the Nicaraguan experience and the FARC

The United Nations – progressively more irrelevant

Corruption and its uses - the US government and
its corrupt financial system destabilize Latin America

Making cooperatives central to social and economic democratization

Satellites, false beliefs and sovereign integration

ALBA and Nicaragua - the fight against hunger

Nicaragua and ALBA – working out a truly democratic health system

Taking Pride in Nicaragua - the Positive Role of Tourism

Investment, economic development and ALBA

AUDIO : Libya, racism and anti-imperialism - discussion with Gerald Perreira

Nicaragua's Canal - A socialist project for structural economic change

Corporate Media Puts Nicaragua in Its Crosshairs

Defending social investment in Greece :
the example of ALBA in Nicaragua

Grecia frente al brazo civil de la OTAN

The Western elites' war on ALBA and the wealth producing majority

Lessons from Libya's destruction

AUDIO: the destruction of Libya, its lessons and meaning

AUDIO : EU economic repression of Greece
- the contrast with ALBA, Ecuador

Covering bets, hoping for the best - the Celac-EU Summit

AUDIO: Looking at the recent
CELAC-European Union Summit in Brussels

Snowden and human rights : theatre and reality

Latin America - a Neocolonial View from the Irish Times

Drip-fed psy-warfare poisoning news about ALBA

Swedish “Left” Party with a taste for diplomacy

Latinoamericanas en Suecia reaccionan contra la dictadura mediática

Swedish ‘Leftist’ Politician Prefers the US over Venezuela

The West : Varieties of Fascism

The Guardian on Nicaragua : high-intensity disinformation warfare

Justicia para Victor Jara : "El Cigarrito"

Justicia para Victor Jara : "Manifiesto"

Justicia para Victor Jara - "Levántate"

El peligro de las armas nucleares, más vivo que nunca

"Compañera" - Una canción para Margarita Murillo

La Cumbre en Panamá y el Occidente
The Panama Summit and the West

AUDIO : After the Panama summit

Nicaragua y Grecia - una reflexión

SR:s förtal mot Nicaragua

Nicaragua eight years on - Revolution and the Right to Development

Vídeo: Situación en España y emergencia de Podemos

Jorge Capelán sobre temas de actualidad:
EEUU-Cuba, España (Podemos) y Ucrania

Nicaragua: La hora del futuro luminoso

“We are Charlie” - A study in mass hypocrisy

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