DANIEL : "I believe the most terrible pandemic facing humankind is the use of force, the threat of the use of force, of wars promoted by the great powers, and in particular by the United States of America"

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Message from the President Comandante Daniel
at the Virtual Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement

May 4th 2020

Brother President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, our greetings to your People, and our Condolences to the Peoples of the World, and in particular to the Families who have suffered the death of loved ones, because of the Pandemic.

We welcome the calls for Solidarity, and we emphasize once again that violations continue of the   principles and international laws binding for the entire world community. In other words, the COVID-19 Pandemic has not stopped the pandemics of violations of the United Nations principles. Even more terrible is how the pandemic is being exploited so as to intensify aggressions against sister Peoples in different regions of the planet.

Ninety-seven years ago, Nicaragua once again confronted occupation by Yankee troops, and Yankee troops from the United States, continue to occupy territories, and the United States government continues to attack Peoples in different regions of the planet . And brutal actions, such as those launched by the US government against the President and leaders of the Government of Venezuela, whereby the US government is offering a $15 million  bounty for the head of President Nicolas Maduro, the legitimate President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

That is even more criminal, because it is calling for and rewarding the assassination of a head of State, and trying again, in the midst of the pandemic, to intervene militarily in Venezuela, deploying its military forces, its naval forces, under the pretext of fighting drug trafficking, when they should be fighting drug trafficking in the United States, which is the world's main consumer of drugs.

And I think we face the pandemic of hunger, as we all know, and hunger is produced by the practice of savage capitalism. And we face the pandemic of the violation of the human rights of Peoples, and here I mention Cuba, where instead of suspending the aggressions, the sanctions, these are intensified in the midst of the andemic against the COVID virus, and actions, acts are encouraged that really are State terrorism.

Put another way, the greatest terrorists in the world are the United States with its policies of military and economic aggressions, which they call sanctions, but which are no more than aggressions as well, because the United Nations has not approved sanctions against Cuba, nor against Venezuela. In the midst of the sanctions they encourage, they promote the occupation of more Palestinian Territory, and if we talk about Libya, we already know who caused the destruction of that State. It was NATO, contentedly bombing and destroying a nation.

I believe the most terrible pandemic facing humankind is the use of force, the threat of the use of force, of wars promoted by the great powers, and in particular by the United States of America.

We face the pandemic of global warming, we face the pandemic of the weakening of the United Nations' most sensitive bodies which touch most acutely the essential rights of the world's  Peoples, and which have to do with the very survival of the planet and of the human species.

And in confronting this pandemic, this epidemic that unites many of us, but does not unite all of us, we, the Peoples who are in the Non-Aligned Movement, our governments, must unite, today more than ever, our spirit of solidarity, our espousal of international law, and in this way use our influence so as to change the model that has been imposed on the planet, and which is causing millions of human beings to suffer the violation of their human rights.

So that that these aggressions  they call "sanctions" be suspended, and that the principles of the United Nations be respected, and this would be more than enough for the World to truly begin to change, and then we would be in a better position to address the challenges facing Humanity, to achieve Peace and Justice for the Peoples of the Planet.

Thank you, dear President.