Statement by Nicaragua to the UN Human Rights Council

Submitted bytortilla onLun, 07/03/2022 - 18:43

Gobierno de Reconciliación y Unidad Nacional
Unida Nicaragua Triunfa

Statement by the Delegation of Nicaragua
in the Framework of the Plenary Session of
the United Nations Human Rights Council

7th March, 2022

Excellency, Mr. Federico Villegas, President of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations Organization, UN.

Ladies and Gentlemen representatives of the Member States, Ladies and Gentlemen Members and Observers,

Dear Representatives of International Organizations,

The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity of Nicaragua, within this session of the Human Rights Council, wishes to refer to the manner in which international bodies and organizations, such as this Council, evaluate the application of human rights in a disparate way between countries, being permissive and tolerant with the barbarities committed by the powers and irrational, with regards to developing countries, such as Nicaragua.

This unequal assessment lends itself to the manipulation and instrumentalization of Human Rights for other purposes and hegemonic aims, derived from economic and political interests of the imperialist countries, which affects the dignity and sovereignty of peoples who seek to shape their own destiny, without any foreign interest.

The focus on the promotion and development of Human Rights, which this international organization must promote, is for the application and strengthening of these Rights, within the framework of respect for the identity, sovereignty and historical development of each country and without losing sight of the universality of Human Rights, contained within the declarations, resolutions, agreements and mandates adopted, which place special emphasis on the sources of information for analysis, which must be impartial and objective.

We observe and disapprove the sources used as a basis for the analysis of this United Nations Office, regarding the so-called updates, preliminary reports and investigative avenues, which far from focusing on collecting truthful information about the reality of the Human Rights of the society, community or people; only gather the voices of some sectors with political, ideological and economic interests; determined under the designs of the interventionist policies of the great imperialist powers, against worthy peoples and governments.

In the case of Nicaragua, the so-called updates on Human Rights are not fair or equitable, but rather real attacks against our country. These types of reports, that are based on false and totally biased information, are intended to continue disqualifying and denigrating our national authorities and institutions, as well as the legal system that supports the Nicaraguan State; with the aim of interfering in our affairs, disrespecting our sovereignty and independence and echoing the interventionist policy of the United States of North America and some European countries, towards our people.

We will always reiterate that it is very easy to make value judgments a priori and to speak about Human Rights. What is really difficult is to make their application a reality. Above all, it is even more difficult to ensure the economic, social and cultural rights that benefit an entire people and to do so in the midst of vicissitudes and permanent attacks. We are speaking with all authority, about the Right to Life, the Right to Health, the Right to Education, to Work, the Right to Drinking Water, to Electrical Power, to Housing, Women's Rights, the Rights of Children, Youth, the elderly, the fight against Extreme Poverty, the eradication of illiteracy, citizen security, land security, the rights of Indigenous and Afro-descendant Peoples, among other rights, in which we have made great progress.

We categorically affirm that Human Rights cannot exist without the democratization of wealth; and that democratization, is achieved by implementing public policies aimed at protecting the life, health and wellbeing of all Nicaraguans, as our government has been doing.

In total conflict with the Human Rights of our entire people, Nicaragua has been permanently subjected to the inquisitive and unhealthy scrutiny of those who seek to subjugate us, directly attacking the essential Human Rights of Nicaraguans, which constitutes a true crime against humanity; however, these unfair unilateral, coercive and illegal measures against our country, do not discourage or intimidate us and we shall continue advancing firmly in the fight to reach the maximum level of effectiveness of our Political, Economic and Social Democracy.

Nicaragua has never, not even now, been a threat to any country of the world, but rather, we are a peaceful, decent and honorable country within the international community, which claims for justice and equality; and for this reason, we demand that this forum speak out in defense of the Human Rights of Nicaraguans, so that the sanctions against our people may cease.

We denounce the emphasis of these international forums, which in their assessments and approaches, seek to JUDGE and QUALIFY; arrogating mandates that are not inherent and have not been recognized to them, against countries like Nicaragua that exercise their own rights, based on international human rights standards.

We call upon this forum, once again, to assume its responsibilities before the history of humanity; recognizing and respecting the rights of the Peoples of the world to make their own decisions and to live in Peace, with Sovereignty, Respect and Human Consideration.

Thank you very much.