DANIEL: "ALBA succeeded in defying the fears of a Latin America and Caribbean terrorized and dominated by the Empire. It was a truly courageous step"

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Remarks by President-Comandante Daniel
at the XX ALBA-TCP Summit held in Havana, Cuba

December 14, 2021

Good morning, beloved Brothers and Sisters, beloved Families of this Cuba of Martí, of Fidel, of Raúl, today led by our Brother President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Cuba is undoubtedly the best example of the meaning of Dignity and Conscience. Dignity and Conscience endow Firmness, Dignity and Conscience endow Courage, Dignity and Conscience remove and entomb cowardice.

And how many battles Cuba has fought since the Triumph of the Revolution, how many battles it had fought beforehand, but this is an unprecedented battle, where a People, a Nation alone, with a People forged in Dignity, in Love for the Land in which they live, has known not only how to resist, but also to create, to contribute from its resistance to the most terrible aggression that Imperialism could commit and continues to put into practice, violating the Human Rights of an entire People, committing genocide against an entire People, against an entire Nation.

And it is, I would say, the greatest legacy that Fidel has left us and that permits us the opportunity to meet in these days in which, along with the pandemic that plagues the world, there is another pandemic, namely the pandemic of Savage Capitalism, which is the pandemic of Imperialism which holds aloft the Banner of Democracy but which in the name of Democracy murders Peoples, destroys Nations, destroys States and provokes chaos.

A Nobel Prize winner, President of the United States, provoked chaos, breaking up, destroying the entire Maghreb Zone; disintegrating the Libyan State and assassinating a Leader who promoted the Unity of Africa, who promoted the Unity of our Peoples, Muammar al Gaddhafi, assassinated in full view of the whole World, with NATO weapons.

In other words, NATO officially assassinating a People, all in the name of Democracy. And what did they do? They broke a containment zone that mitigated emigration from Africa to Europe, because it was a zone, starting with Libya, which had great economic and social development, practiced Justice, promoted Women's Rights, promoted Solidarity, generated employment for migrants coming from Southern Africa looking for a way to get to Europe.

They broke up that Security Zone and in doing so provoked massive emigration, not only of the citizens of other African Nations who were looking for a way to emigrate to the North, but also of the citizens of the very Countries that had been disintegrated, destabilized, destroyed. And that emigration is still there, waves of emigrants, thousands of emigrants, and thousands of dead, crossing to Europe; thousands of children, of young people, entire families drowned.

And the Europeans after all have provoked this crisis because they joined in the aggression, a criminal act of State Terrorism. Yes, NATO is a State Terrorist...! Yes, a terrorist! NATO has practiced State Terrorism, with all its letters, and there are the results, containing and repressing migrants, persecuting migration which they themselves brought about with their acts of State Terrorism. An aggression visible to the whole world, and too the armed containment agreements organized to stop that migration.

And here, in Latin America and the Caribbean, what has been a fundamental, vital labor force for the growth of the North American Economy, of the United States of America, that migrant population which goes to the United States to do the work that the North American citizens no longer do, these migrants guarantee that the fruits do not decay and go to waste, and with their hands they go to the United States, to pick those fruits; they go to serve as carers, taking care of children of American families, who are going to work as carers, caring for elderly Americans, those are the immigrants getting persecuted.

And increasingly harsher measures are applied, when it seemed that they were going to come around and had committed themselves to doing so.... Because that is something Imperialism has, if there is one thing characterizing Imperialism, it is for telling the biggest lies, because they preach Peace and practice War, they preach Peace and practice Terrorism, they speak against Terrorism when they are the worst terrorists on the Planet. And terrorism is what they have incited against all our Peoples, against the Cuban People, against the People of Venezuela, the Bolivarian People, the People of Bolivar, the People of Chávez, the People of Nicolás.

Nicolás reminded us, brought us up to date, and in fact, Nicolás could have talked to us very much longer about all the crimes that have been committed and continue to be committed.

Like the deportation to the United States of a Venezuelan citizen, a naturalized Venezuelan citizen, whose crime was to have been working to guarantee food supplies to the Venezuelan people, to guarantee the CLAPs. And they say it in all very glibly, they very glibly accuse him of having worked to organizing the CLAPs to feed Venezuela's people, because the US rulers seek to exterminate and starve the Venezuelan people. And they have tried doing so in a thousand ways.

The way in which they have attacked Bolivia, when Bolivia has vindicated the Rights of a People that has a long history of struggle and which finally broke the chains, and when it broke  its chains, the Imperialists came and tried locking them in chains again. But the Bolivian People, with its Leaders, with President Luis Arce, with Brother Evo, with all those People that we have seen marching, in their Victorious March, just when the enemies of the Peoples, egged on by the world's Imperialists, were already singing victory.

And what more can I tell you about Nicaragua, a story that you know very well, where, simply because there is a natural route for an interoceanic canal, whereas, of course, in Venezuela they want control of its oil, that is very clear. But since Nicaragua is located on that route, a route which ever since the Conquistadors arrived looking for that interoceanic passage, for which Nicaragua was stolen, plundered, our native peoples were stolen and plundered by the Spanish Conquistadors and by the British who also occupied our territory and the dispute between the two began.

So many centuries ago now the confrontation between the British and the Spanish began, and the battle took place on the river, a river that was a natural channel flowing into the lake leaving just a small strait to cross to reach the Pacific Ocean. And that is where the British expeditions came in, including one commanded by Admiral Nelson, launching an action to fight against the other Empire for the domination of Nicaragua, to occupy Nicaragua.

Then, of course, the United States opposed the presence of Europeans in our countries. And when they said "America for the Americans", what they meant was America for the United States. And they saw our zone as part of their backyard.

And that is what explains all the Yankee interventions in Nicaragua, military interventions, ever since the Yankee expansionists who arrived in 1854, headed by William Walker who came from the Southern Armies of the United States; he was an intellectual, a lawyer, a racist and expansionist, and with the technological superiority of the weapons he brought with him, he made himself President of Nicaragua and was recognized as such by the President of the United States of America. The Yankee Ambassador was present at the inauguration of William Walker in Nicaragua. Imagine, since all that time ago!

This is what explains the anti-Yankee, anti-imperialist sentiment in Nicaragua. It does not come from the Soviet Union, it does not come from the October Revolution. It comes from those years. In those years when the first battles against Yankee expansionism in Nicaragua were being fought, the first anti-imperialist signs came out saying: "Death to the gold-thirsty Yankee, death to the vile and cowardly invader". They came from the heart of the people, humble people, peasants, who with stones struck down the Yankee soldiers.

In the end, they were defeated and expelled, but not before the Yankee invader had burned the city of Granada, a historic city, as they retreated. He burned it and left a sign in English saying "Granada was here". But is Granada there. Although the Yankee wanted to make it disappear, Granada is still there..

Later, the Yankees, following the Liberal Revolution in our country, then too the Yankees intervened. The U.S. Government itself sent a note to the President of Nicaragua, José Santos Zelaya, from the U.S. Secretary of State, Mr. Philander Chase Knox, the Knox Note, telling the President that he had to withdraw, resign, and that the U.S. Navy ships were on their way to Nicaragua. And Zelaya, who had promoted a really extraordinary Revolution in Nicaragua, did not have the strength to resist and resigned.

But a Liberal General, General Benjamin Zeledon took the lead resisting the Yankee troops and the turncoats that accompanied the Yankee troops, because naturally the Yankees always have turncoats on their side. And he confronted them in various combats, making resistance. He knew that he was facing a much more powerful army that arrived with weaponry far superior to what Zeledón's army had.

And in El Coyotepe and La Barranca, some hills, some hills that are at the entrance of the city of Masaya, there the resistance was strong. And so there the Yankee Colonels who led the invading troops surrounding Zeledón and sent him messages calling on him to surrender. But Zeledón did not surrender. And he was not a Communist, Zeledón was no Communist, he was a man of liberal ideas, inspired by the French Revolution, but he was a man who had a sense of Nation. And on the very day of his birthday, October 4, 1912, the Yankee troops that had landed in Corinto and had crossed the national Territory launched themselves against Zeledón and his resisting forces and that day Zeledón fell in combat.

And Sandino, who was a child, recalled that later; namely, that the Father of the Dignity of our Nation is really Benjamin Zeledon. Sandino says as much in his writings later when he too was facing the Yankee troops. He was a child, a boy, when he saw the Yankees parading Zeledón's corpse through the streets of Nicaragua's cities and towns, so as to instill terror and demoralize the people.

But what that in fact did in Sandino was to provoke a feeling of indignation, and where there is indignation there is Dignity. And Sandino remembered that well, while he made no comment, he watched, he observed, and then when the Yankee troops again arrived to occupy our country over many years, Sandino stood up to defend the Nation saying that  his mission was to expel the invaders.

And they called Sandino a bandit. But Gabriela Mistral, an admirer of Sandino, who wrote about Sandino, called him the "Divine Bandit", and she called Sandino's Army, the Crazy Little Army, because it seemed like a crazy thing. A country with a very small population of a few thousand inhabitants, a handful of peasants and workers, led by Sandino, facing the greatest power that trained its Air Force there, bombing the Sandinista troops when they surrounded the city of Ocotal in the north of our country, bordering Honduras. Sandino had it surrounded, and there were Yankee troops there, and also some turncoat troops, so they used their air force.

What was it that gave such strength to Sandino and Sandino's Little Army enabling them to resist, to confront the invaders, who could not overcome him, could not defeat him such that they had no choice but to retreat? And there in the United States itself it is recorded in their historical accounts, that in Nicaragua they were defeated because they could not achieve their objective.

And Sandino, one the Yankee troops had left, said: Today the struggle is more difficult, because we are facing an enemy that we cannot see the way we could see the Yankee troops, so there is no other way but to seek negotiation and peace through dialogue. And in the negotiation seeking Peace through dialogue, he arrived in Managua on several occasions, and his Generals told him: Don't risk it General, they are going to kill you, they are going to assassinate you. But Sandino insisted: There is no alternative but dialogue and negotiation.

And there was indeed a President who was open to dialogue and negotiation, and that President invited him to his last supper at the Presidential Residence. And Sandino went to that last supper at the Presidential House, and President Sacasa was there, accompanied by his daughter and Ministers, saying wonderful things about Sandino, recognizing the effort they were making to achieve Peace.

Then they said goodbye, February 21, 1934 was night of the fateful supper. They said goodbye, and when Sandino was leaving the Presidential Residence and was returning to the house where he was staying, Somoza's soldiers were there serving the Yankees, after Somoza just days before, General Somoza installed by the Yankees as head of a National Guard with Yankee commanders of course, took a photograph with Sandino, embracing him, the Judas kiss, Judas kissing Christ; Somoza embracing Sandino and calling him Brother, and then assassinating him days later.

February 21, 1934, the Yankees assassinated Sandino, and the Yankee intervention continued via troops accompanying the National Guard as advisors, training them, arming them, and the Yankees supported that tyranny which was recognized as legitimate, not only by the Yankees but also by the Europeans. There were no Human Rights then, there were no Human Rights, for what was in fact a tyranny that committed thousands of crimes over more than 40 years, all with the approval of the Yankees.

And Roosevelt met and received Somoza, and those same officials, Roosevelt's assistants, as is well known and even officially recognized, asked Roosevelt one day: Well, why do you give so much affection, so much friendship to a criminal like Somoza, to a tyrant like Somoza? And Roosevelt's answer was, "because he is a son of a... ", he used those very words, "he is a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch". That was the answer of Roosevelt, the Democrat.

That is where we emerged from, from all that blood, from all those battles, from all those struggles. That is why perhaps it is difficult for many of you to understand why we are so profoundly Anti-Imperialist, and because of so much aggression, what more aggression could Nicaragua have suffered? What more? We defeated the last Marine the Yankees had left in Nicaragua, who was Somoza, and the Revolution triumphed in 1979 and then came another war imposed on us by the Yankees.

Ronald Reagan, the President of the United States himself, and many Brothers and Sisters do not understand, or do not want to understand why we have this Anti-imperialist attitude, they cannot understand that he imposed a war on us that caused more than 50,000 deaths, destruction of the Economy, destruction of Schools, destruction of Highways, Bridges, Construction Equipment that was building Highways, Hospitals, in the rural areas. Terrorism, Terrorism for real!

After the triumph of the Revolution we began with the Literacy Campaign and so they began to assassinate Literacy Educators; they were the first victims of Yankee Terrorism in that Newest Stage. And from 1979 until 1990 that war was maintained, a war where the Yankee Government, cynical democrats that they are, organized operations with the drug traffickers, Democracy in all its cynicism, lies, falsehoods, Terrorism.

The Government of the United States as was recorded there in the trials, and indictments that were brought against an American Colonel, Oliver North, who served Reagan as the head of those operations, why? Because it was necessary to facilitate narcotics traffickers' operations taking drugs to the United States, in exchange for which the drug traffickers providing economic and financial resources and weapons for the war.

That was a scandal in the United States, where a trial took place in which at the end of the day,  it was the American State and President Reagan himself who should have been on trial, prosecuted and detained, but it simply went no further.

And we went to the International Court of Justice, I have told you several times and I will not tire of repeating it, to accuse the United States of all the crimes they committed against Nicaragua. When every day was an invasion.

I remember talking to Fidel and he told me: Well, we managed to defeat the invasion... It was an extraordinary operation conducted by Fidel when they defeated the US invasion, and then the US organized guerrillas in the Escambray area which they also managed to defeat. Then Fidel told me: The problem you have is that you have two borders there and there are the bases and from there the invaders are entering every day.

It was a daily war, that is why there were so many deaths, so much destruction, so many crimes, because the Yankees installed bases in Costa Rica, "democratic" Costa Rica, which has always been an instrument of the Yankees. And they also established bases in Honduras. And they established bases in El Salvador. There was even a gringo captured when the plane from which where they were dropping weapons to the Contras was shot down, after flying from El Salvador. In other words, this guy parachuted out when the plane was shot down and later he was captured by our Army.

A story that's relevant because many times friends say to us, but you should make some gesture... because we have terrorists in jail, people who financed terrorism and wanted to finance new terrorist activities for which they were laundering money, money sent by United States agencies, with the tale that they were financing Non-Governmental Organizations, NGOs. All this is out in the open, there is a whole case file that will be presented in due time by the Prosecutor's Office, the Judiciary; the whole file.

Millions of dollars, more millions, many more millions than the United States could have invested to help our Peoples, to help our Region's weakest Economies. Many more millions... invested for the war.

Now it seems that because they are detained and are being prosecuted, they should be released. The Europeans say so. So too say the Yankees, the Yankees who have more than 400 prisoners of their own accused of having assaulted the Congress of the United States. They have more than 400 prisoners. Ah, but apprently they have the right to do their Justice, and we do not have the right to do Justice. There they are holding them and the trial processes have begun, and there the number of people dead bears no comparison to the number of dead they caused in the "guarimbas" there in Venezuela, and the number of dead they caused in Nicaragua in April 2018, when there were hundreds of dead, young people who were killed, who were set on fire, filmed by the same terrorists who thought they were about to overthrow the Government.

And some Priests and Bishops celebrated those horrendous crimes, Priests were recorded when they were telling the terrorists that the corpses of some Compañeros who had been set on fire should be thrown into a latrine, those latrine toilets as we call them, that they should be thrown in there.... said by a Priest! Said by the Bishops! In the name of God! For God's sake!

Put simply, Nicaragua has a Justice system, there are Laws, and we cannot now, just because the Yankees say so, just because the Europeans say so.... Ah, when the Europeans give themselves the right to imprison whoever they want. Assange is in prison thanks to the treason of Lenin Moreno, who betrayed the Principle of the Right of Asylum and handed Assange over to "democratic" England, to the British government, and the British government has kept him there under conditions where his life is at risk.

And what was Assange's crime? Assange is not accused of having planted any bomb, he is not accused of having killed any gringo, nor any European; he is accused of having denounced crimes committed by the Yankee Government. That is Assange's sin, to tell the truth, as Christ died for the truth.

Assange has done nothing more than fulfill his duty to denounce those crimes, and now they are waiting for him in the United States, where they want to give him the death penalty, because they consider him a traitor, a security problem. Because the crimes of the US Intelligence Agencies and other crimes they committed in their operations, covert and uncovered, were discovered.

With what authority do the Yankees make demands of us, demands of Venezuela, demands of Cuba, demands of our Peoples, threatening other Peoples, blackmailing other Peoples? We have governments in the region with which we have relations and not just now, even one of those governments, the Government of the Dominican Republic for example? The Dominican Republic was a Member of this Project, and I remember when Danilo Medina was the Dominican Republic President, he was a very good friend of ours, and that is what led to the relationship beginning to break down.

Danilo would talk to our compañeros in meetings held in the Dominican Republic since we were members of the Central American Integration System, when our compañeros would say to him: How is it possible that you are voting as the Yankees do, voting against Nicaragua? And he would say: Please excuse us. Tell the Comandante to excuse us, but we are under so much pressure, so much pressure, that we have no other way.

The same thing happens with the current Dominican Republic Government, the same thing. In other words, they arrive with a banner of sovereignty, the Dominican Republic has been a heroic, courageous, fighting people, but they submit, after being invaded by the Yankees, but they submit. That is a lack of what Bolivar, Marti, Fidel, Chavez, Sandino, Morazan all had. What is lacking? Dignity! This is a matter of Dignity... of Dignity, Dignity.

And thus Cuba, Venezuela, after all the brutal aggression they have suffered and continue to suffer, the brutal aggression we continue to suffer, and Cuba after more than 60 years, shows us how Dignity, creates Conscience, creates Strength, creates Courage, creates Creativity, so as to face the consequences of acts of economic and social terrorism and also terrorism that manifests itself in outright crimes. Dignity is much more powerful than the strength of Empires, it is more powerful, no matter how big that Empire may be, no matter how criminal that Empire may be.

Just remember the bombing of the plane carrying those athletes, an act of terrorism instigated by the Yankee Empire, organized by the Yankee Empire, and yet who has condemned it? Where are the European democracies that might have condemned the Yankee Empire at the time? Well, later the International Court of Justice condemned them, as I have told you, I have told you about it, and the lawsuit stands. They have not wanted to comply, but we are not going to stop insisting on our rights.

I would argue that ALBA, after the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution and the Struggle that Cuba has waged throughout all these years and continues to fight, when 17 years ago ALBA was established in Our Latin American and Caribbean America, with the creative initiative of Fidel and Chávez. It was the first step taken in Our Latin America and the Caribbean in the direction marked by our Founding Fathers in the search for Unity since Bolivar, later taken up by Sandino, speaking of Bolivar's Supreme Dream, where he worked on a whole Plan for Latin American and Caribbean countries to unite, and sent it from the mountains to the Presidents who were gathered together at the time. There was a Meeting of Presidents, of course it was a decision that expressed a vision, a dream, and it was necessary to bang on the doors of the Dignity of the Latin American and Caribbean rulers.

And ALBA succeeded in defying the fears of a Latin America and Caribbean terrorized and dominated by the Empire. It was a truly courageous step, out of Courage endowed by Dignity. A bloc that has never even thought of forming an Army. ALBA has never considered forming an Army, nor under PETROCARIBE, it has not even considered it. ALBA has never considered a single action to attack any Nation, not even those that hurt us the most, those that commit so many crimes in the name of Democracy.

What ALBA has done is simply to propose Integration, Unity, to combat Poverty, to end Hunger, to develop Health Care programs, to improve the economic and social conditions of our Nations, of our Peoples, taking into account the various asymmetries; that is to say, a Program full of Justice, of Love for our Neighbor, of Christianity.

Therefore, those who have attacked ALBA, those who have attacked ALBA and PETROCARIBE, are a disgrace to Humanity, because they attack, assault, slander, defame and seek to destroy, committing genocide and terrorism against these Peoples, simply because we are building a New Path which is the one that all Humanity must build so that we may have Peace in the World with Justice, with Liberty and with Dignity.

Long Live ALBA!

Long Live Chávez!

Long Live Fidel!