DANIEL: "The moment of Occupations has passed, the moment and stage of Colonialism, of Neocolonialism, has passed"

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Event to Commemorate the 126th Anniversary of the Birth of Augusto C. Sandino, General of Free Men and Women

May 18th 2021

Daniel's address

We have spoken with Blanca Segovia, talking to her on the phone, communicating, greeting her once again, today, on the Anniversary, one more Anniversary of the Birth of her father, General Sandino. And Blanca always with her voice, firm, full of energy, committed to the battle that the Nicaragua's people are fighting, which is the Battle of General Sandino.

So today, on this day when we are commemorating the 126th Anniversary of the Birth of our General, our Greetings, our Love, our Embrace, to Blanca Segovia, and to all Sandino's Family.

Beloved brothers and sisters, beloved compañeros, beloved Nicaraguan Families; Compañera Rosario, Vice President of the Republic; General Julio César Avilés, Commander in Chief of the Nicaraguan Army; First Commissioner General Francisco Díaz, Chief of the National Police; our brother Gustavo Porras, President of the National Assembly; we also greet the Deputies of the Board of the National Assembly who are with us; General Bayardo Rodríguez, General Marvin Corrales, General Aldo Sáenz.

The compañero who administers the Public Treasury is also here with us, he has an enormous responsibility making it possible to fight this battle that has to do with assuring employment, and assuring employment means assuring salaries, the employment of teachers, health workers, the employment of construction workers, the employment of the soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces, also of the Police, of all the institutions that have to do with the protection of our borders, ports, airports, land border crossings, and a great number of our other institutions that serve the Nicaraguan People.

On this day, our message to all of you Nicaraguan brothers and sisters, to all of you, to all of you who are watching us, who are listening to us, our message is a message of Peace. Peace is indispensable, fundamental, to be able to take on the tasks at hand, in any country of the world; equally, Peace is indispensable so that global confrontations do not deteriorate, confrontations that always place at risk the Peace of all the world's inhabitants.

Peace, and we must recognize the struggle of the Nicaraguan people in the defense of Peace, and what better and greater symbol of what the struggle for Peace means, than General Sandino. He fought for Peace. A country occupied by foreign troops cannot be at peace, it cannot be at peace, that country is humiliated, under attack, and General Sandino fought for the sovereignty of Nicaragua.

And we well know that the U.S. troops could not defeat him, they had to withdraw, without achieving their goal of defeating the Army in Defense of National Sovereignty. And once the Yankee troops had withdrawn from our country, what did General Sandino propose? To consolidate Peace, it did not occur to him to continue the war, he had the forces available to continue the battle militarily, but no, he was convinced that, once the Yankee troops were withdrawn from Nicaragua, it was a moment for Peace, a moment for Reconciliation.

But we already know the History, how he gave his life, after signing the Peace Agreements here in Managua, coming down from the mountains to the city of Managua, to meet with the President, even to meet with Somoza, and we all know what Somoza's embrace meant when he embraced Sandino, and Somoza told him that "they are brothers".

He was nothing more than Judas, Judas preparing to assassinate Sandino, and Sandino in all good faith, negotiating, taking very concrete steps to re-establish Peace, accepting the meeting and the dinner at the Presidency on February 21, 1934, and then coming down the Presidency on this Avenue, the Avenue that crosses here, coming down from the Presidency, they detained him, and they assassinated him. In other words, he died defending Peace. Betrayal was imposed, the terrorist policy of the North American rulers was imposed, who did not accept their defeat by Sandino, so they resorted to betrayal.

Throughout our History we Nicaraguans have always been fighting for Peace, because we Nicaraguans want Peace, and all it has cost to achieve Peace and all it costs to maintain Peace, because Peace can be achieved, but then maintaining Peace is not easy.

We see a clear example of this in Colombia, where guerrilla forces over many years were led by Comandante Manuel Marulanda, a powerful guerrilla force. We had the chance once when in Colombia there was a meeting precisely to seek peace between the Colombian Government and the revolutionary guerrilla forces, headed by Marulanda, and we were there.

We had already achieved Peace, and although we were not in the Government, we were invited and we went, and we had the chance to meet with the FARC High Command and with Comandante Marulanda, and to fix on his chest the Order of Sandino, which he received with great pride. And well, we shared experiences there, exchanging, both with the guerrilla leadership and with the government delegates negotiating with the guerrillas.

But then that process could not be sustained and the confrontations returned again; the war started again with all its intensity there in Colombia. And I remember, I remember perfectly well, how President Uribe, in a meeting we had once, called us and told us with satisfaction that they had managed to kill several guerrilla leaders, and that the FARC had been destroyed. He was very euphoric then. I called him aside, and I told him: President, the FARC are not defeated; we have to seek the path of dialogue, of negotiation. You are not going to achieve peace by means of war.

I remember too, later in Mexico, during the inauguration of President Peña Nieto, President Juan Manuel Santos was there attending the inauguration of President Peña Nieto, and the International Court of Justice ruling giving Nicaragua sovereignty over that area of the Caribbean Sea was recent, and after the inauguration activities we met with President Santos, and talked about the ruling.

For us we understood that it was a Ruling that benefited Nicaragua, but was complicated for Colombia, why? Because some political forces in Colombia, including former president Uribe, called for ignoring the judgment, and called to sending the Colombian naval forces to the coasts of our country, and not to respect the judgment.

The situation was not easy, but rather very complex, very difficult, and we were complying with the court ruling, safeguarding that new territory, a vast territory, a wide and long maritime territory, with our navy, air and land forces, there, just carrying out surveillance tasks, not in combat, since we could not think of a combat with the Colombian Army.

We simply counted on the force of Law carrying more weight, more strength, as it does. The force of Law is and should be more powerful than the force of economic and military power, and that is what has allowed us to protect the territory recovered for Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea.

I was telling you that the clearest example we have right now of a situation where it has not yet been possible to put an end to instability, to confrontation, is Colombia. Much progress has been made in the Peace Agreements, it is true, in which Cuba and Venezuela, promoted and supported those Peace Agreements, Peace Agreements that were signed in Havana and later ratified in Bogota.

Those Agreements are still valid with all the strength, with all the legitimacy given by that negotiating process leading to the signing of that document, but what is happening now? What is happening is that after all there is still instability starting with the death of many of Comrades who surrendered their weapons and then extremist groups assassinated them, and to this too are added the socio-economic problems.

At this time in Colombia there is a situation that we are concerned about, because it generates instability for the People, but the People are protesting, insisting, demanding an end to the violence against the population, demanding that the socio-economic problems be addressed, that Life be protected, that Health be protected in these times of pandemic.

Colombia is living a situation very similar to the one experienced in many other countries where people protest, and then, in the middle of the protests, violent actions take place generate even more insecurity and more violence.

There is so much violence in the world! The violence that two Peoples are experiencing right now, the Palestinian People and the People of Israel... They are two Peoples! They are two Peoples! And there is a reason, after long struggles by the Palestinian people, and long struggles also by the people of Israel, even against the British.

In the end, Agreements were reached back in 1967, and these Agreements were signed at the United Nations and were supported by the entire United Nations, including the United States, Israel and the Palestinians, but what has happened from 1967 to date? These Agreements have not been complied with, the borders set out in these Agreements have not been respected, but by the force of military power Israel has continued to occupy Palestinian territory, destroying entire towns, entire neighborhoods, and then the Israelis have continued to build there. A clear violation of this Agreement! So, of course, this generates violence.

Just as we have called too for Peace in Colombia, for Peace in Israel, in Palestine, we have called ourselves for the Agreements be respected and that the Occupation of Palestinian Territories cease and for the return of those Territories to the Palestinian people, as the 1967 Agreements mandate.

We are also for Peace in the struggle waged by the Venezuelan People, with our brother President Nicolas Maduro, in an unequal battle, in the face of a blockade and brutal aggression on the part of the U.S. rulers. A People that continues resisting, continues fighting, continues fighting for Life, fighting for Peace.

Likewise, of course we are in favor of Peace in Colombia, for Peace Agreements to be reached there giving Colombia stability. The more stability, the more Peace there is in any region of the world, the better conditions exist for economic development, for social development, to face any type of disease and pandemic such as those that are currently affecting the World.

And today this battle against a pandemic is being fought and it is difficult to know the limits of this pandemic when it is announced that its prevalence is already decreasing but then measures are again taken to shut down the activities that had been opened, because the prevalence has increased.

Here we are today and there is still no global policy where the developed countries and the developing countries agree on a plan, a program to strengthen this fight, to give more strength to the countries that are more vulnerable, and in the more developed countries, in the wealthier countries, to strengthen the people who are also more vulnerable, because in the rich countries too there is poverty and unemployment.

And here in the region, in Central America, in the Caribbean, well, we are fighting for Peace, fighting for Peace in Cuba, because the Cuban People cannot be at Peace aso long as they are suffering blockade in the way they are being boycotted.

Our Solidarity with President Miguel Diaz-Canel, with Comandante Raul Castro and with the People of Cuba, we accompany them in this struggle for Peace that the People of Cuba are waging, a struggle for Peace where the People of Cuba are even showing strength despite tehir own vulnerability when they send entire health brigades to different parts of the world to help in the field of health care.

They have done so and are doing it right now to address this pandemic, the brigades of Cuban doctors going out to distant places where brigades from the developed countries just do not arrive, their brigades do not go to those places but the brigades of doctors of our Cuban sisters and brothers do.

And in spite of this act of Solidarity, of generosity, of the struggle for Peace, this blockade of Cuba, which is illegal, is maintained with the same intensity, with the same brutality with which it was tightened even harder by President Trump, and he intensified it even more. And who suffers? The Cuban people are suffering from this blockade.

Our Solidarity with all the Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean who are fighting for Peace, and with the Peoples of the World who are fighting for Peace. We know what Peace means, because this Country has lived through wars this People has suffered and acts of violence attacking the People itself.

Thanks to God, and thanks to the People, we have managed to resume the path we were on prior to April 2018. I am not going to read the National Plan here, of course, that has been presented by compañero Ivan, but they are activities in all fields, in the area of production.

In terms of production we are talking about the Agricultural Sector where we have goals for growth. In the production of basic grains there are beans, rice, and grains like maize and sorghum; in agro-exports, but also for domestic consumption, there are coffee, peanuts, sugar cane, tobacco, sesame, and cocoa. That is our task, to produce, in that endeavor the Government accompanies the People, that is Nicaragua's endeavor, we are not in a struggle to destroy, but to build.

In the production of vegetables, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, chili, tomatoes and onions, we are growing all of these crops; bananas, plantains, cassava, malanga, quequisque, beef, milk, chicken, eggs, pork, fish and aquaculture, we are producing all these agro-exports, that is, the export of products from the agricultural sector,  despite the fact that Nicaragua has suffered aggression and is suffering aggression, and there are Nicaraguans who are angry at this successful data, at this reality.

The Technological Bonus... We have distributed Technological Bonuses, what for? To increase the productivity of basic grains, fruits, vegetables, coffee, cocoa, bananas, so that farmers have more knowledge and more skills to increase their productivity.

We are in the process of delivering 400,000 Technological Bonuses this year, 2021, and you can see how the meetings, the assemblies with farmers in the most remote areas of our country are taking place, where the farmers are happy because they feel they have  a Government that supports farmers, that strengthens his capacity, for what? So as to increase production and also improve their income, their family income and improve the country's income.

We are also promoting the insemination of cattle and pigs, so that the farmer who has cows and calves, a farmer with cattle, can improve his cattle's quality, as well as those farmers who rear pigs.

These are programs that you can see every day in the news media, how the producers get together to strive for peace, to strive for life, to strive for productive activities.

Likewise, on the issue of vegetables, we are delivering, multiplying 5.3 million healthy plants. To whom are we delivering this? To farmers. Of course, there are medium and large producers who have their own resources to invest and develop so as to get a higher yield in all these activities.

But we are directing our efforts towards the small producers, who have been abandoned, towards the small producers, towards the medium producers, who are in all these activities and who are the majority of the producers in Nicaragua, the small and medium sized producers. And we recognize the efforts that large producers are making with their own resources, with their own income, also to improve the quality of their productive activities.

We are also talking about the installation of Technology Centers aimed at productive activities. Eight Technology and Innovation Support Centers, which have to do with animal genetic improvement, and the production of quality seeds, seeds that are more resistant to pests, seeds that are more resistant to humidity, and seeds that can multiply yields. Where the current seeds yield 10 quintals or 15 quintals of corn per acre, or of beans, that can be multiplied by incorporating seeds of higher quality and greater resistance.

We are also delivering 97,300 Production Reactivation Packages, which include not only training, but also implements to help producers improve their conditions.

We are also strengthening the Family and Territorial Business Packages, with 30,000 producer families already participating in this Program.

Look at what we are doing, in the midst of adverse conditions, in the midst of the pandemic, the Country is not paralyzed, our People have not stood still, a People taking care of itself, of course, in the face of the pandemic, but continuing to work.

Then too, rebuilding areas affected by different causes, to try and strengthen the Natural Environment. We are projecting to reforest 34,153 hectares protected through natural regeneration, and 7,193 hectares through the management of Sustainable Agroforestry Productive Systems, combining those programs. We are already producing so as to reproduce 25 million plants of different forest species throughout our national territory. That is where we are making progress on areas to do with the environment.

And it is not enough, we must also seek to increase the entrepreneurial capacities of small and medium producers, because of course the large producers already have entrepreneurial capacity, many have studied and have specialized in higher degrees, but the small and medium producers? So we have trained 400 Nicaraguan entrepreneurs who have export potential, and we are also building up 150 small producer businesses in the same direction. Then there are the Agricultural Fairs organized to encourage and stimulate agricultural activities.

And also something very important, of course, that very much has to do with Peace, which is security in the countryside, and here we have two basic components: the Army and the Police, working hand in hand, providing security to farmers, providing security to producers, small, medium, large.... Giving them security! And by giving them security, of course, this allows us to move forward at a better pace.

Then, not to mention our work on highways, not to mention energy... Energy is already reaching 98%, 99% of the Country, and parts we cannot reach with normal lines, then they are reached with Solar Energy, that allows placing electrical energy in small communities, in schools that are in totally isolated areas.

Then Distance Education. And then too the works we are developing in the ports, the new ports we are going to build; so in other words, we are talking about what is being done.... Hospitals, Health Posts, Maternity Homes, there in areas where women felt abandoned, there the Maternity Homes are multiplying, and also the units to protect women, the units that the Police are building, the Police Units for Women.. Yes, the Maternity Homes and the Police Units for Women, which are a combination guaranteeing women's safety.

And schools, here we see children happy in their schools, schools that are being inaugurated, schools that were destroyed and are being rebuilt new. The University in the countryside... The Distance University is being brought to the countryside.

Schools are being rebuilt, health posts that were destroyed, all of that is being rebuilt.

There is nowhere in Nicaragua where people, regardless of their political, religious or ideological beliefs, there is nowhere in Nicaragua where people do not say: Look, they are building a road, a road has never been built here before; they are building a road, no longer with asphalt, which is quickly destroyed by the rains, but with concrete, like this new road that we are proud of, which leads to Bluefields. Something that seemed like a dream, that road going to Bluefields. And the roads that continue advancing there in the northern Caribbean, next to the towns of  Las Minas, there we are making progress.

We are even going ahad with a bridge that will cross the Wawa River, that famous river that closes the roads when it overflows, you can't pass, even if the transit barge is there, the barge gets swept away by the flood.

This is what the rural families, the workers, the people traveling on foot and people who have transport are living, they see it and they are value it, how the roads are multiplying, how in this country, even under the most difficult circumstances, in 2018, they did not stop working. Of course the economy was hard hit, but we have resumed our rhythm of work, and I would say with greater strength, with more drive, and in more difficult conditions because now we are facing a pandemic, and there are our People, hard at work.

Our greetings, our congratulations to all our working People, a People worthy of our General Sandino. To the construction workers, laboring to build houses, to build bridges, to building highways and structures for our People, public buildings, hospitals.

It is our construction workers, this is not work done by magic, it is the construction workers there, adding one to another, and another, and another, humble workers, hard workers, workers who are laboring there, and, thanks to them we have these highways, we have these hospitals, we have these schools. And thanks to the rural families, to the producers who also carry in their hearts and in their work the strength and spirit of Sandino, we have all these productive activities among the others I have mentioned, beloved Nicaraguan brothers and sisters.

That is the struggle for Peace, and on the other hand there are of course always those who want to encourage violence, terrorism, terror, crime, but this is rejected by the People and, naturally, all our efforts are concentrated in this direction, in the direction of Production, Development, Health, Education, in this direction we are all moving forward, because this will mean ensuring Peace, strengthening Peace.

Then, also we take into account the periods of time marked out for the Elections, because we will have Elections in November; and, well, there is an electoral timetable and those electoral schedules must be accompanied, always with Work, always with Health Care, always with Education. Do not delay any productive, socio-economic activity, or the safeguarding of security, do not set them aside just because we are entering or because we are actually in an electoral process... No. We must work alongside them, always maintaining Health Care and Education. We have to work alongside them and in due curse, obviously, the voting will take place on November 7th of this year. But we have to manage all this with great responsibility, with great responsibility, so that we are not diverted by electoral issues, by the disputes elections tend to generate everywhere.

We have already seen how in the United States, President Trump said that the elections there were stolen, and he continues to say so.... In the United States ! And it was not enough that he said so, but then President Trump spoke outside the Congress, when Congress was about to decide whether the Elections were valid or invalid, President Trump went with a whole number, thousands of American citizens who had voted for President Trump and who believed that the elections had been stolen from them.

They were upset, and they went and entered Congress, and there was a scandal. Ah, they say it's terrorism, it's terrorism. They who like to do things, but they do not like it when it's doneto them! That's terrorism, and they have a lot of people imprisoned there, of those who entered Congress.

Those people have a conservative way of thinking, they are within their rights, and they went to protest there to the Congress, they created a worldwide scandal, and even now in the United States they are looking for more data, more information about what happened. And in the United States they have the bad habit of blaming everything adverse that happens to them, blaming the Russian Federation, or blaming China.

And how much they were discussed, how they were argued over, the earlier elections, I mean the previous ones when President Trump was elected. It was asserted he was elected thanks to Russia, to the Russian Federation.... Imagine that! And they regard that as a bad thing, and they are right. Who likes people intruding in their home saying what one should do? Ah, but they, for their part, like to meddle everywhere, they do like to interfere everywhere, and want to decide for what happens in other people's homes.

Here the Yankee Ambassador goes about here and there, promoting his candidates, as if he were Nicaraguan... He is not Nicaraguan! If he wants to promote candidates, he should promote them in the United States, as North American Candidates, yes. The Yankee Ambassador should not get involved here, as he is indeed getting involved, nominating candidates, pressuring political parties, so that the political parties accept the candidate the Yankee wants. He thinks we are still in the times of the Yankee Occupation.

Let the Yankee Ambassador forget it! Nicaragua is Sovereign, Nicaragua is Sandino's Nicaragua, Nicaragua is Darío's Nicaragua, Nicaragua is a People that deserves Respect, it does deserve Respect. And that goes both for the Yankee Ambassador and for all the other Ambassadors who hold meetings in their embassies with political groups, working out how to decide the leadership of those political parties.

Ah, but if someone does that to them in their countries, in Europe, because there are some Europeans who do it, let alone in the United States, they rise up and start a persecution. They do not like to be disrespected, neither the Yankees nor the Europeans, but they themselves still have a colonialist, neocolonialist mentality, which even led them to turn human beings into slaves, into merchandise, and to transfer them from one continent to another, to sell and resell them.

It has not yet occurred to them yet, it has not yet struck them that the moment of Occupations has passed, the moment and stage of Colonialism, of Neocolonialism, has passed. Yes, but for them is there any sign of that kind of awareness? So still they come and create an uproar, and feel they still have the right to act towards the peoples of Asia, Africa, Latin America, especially the developing countries, to act as if we were colonies, and they talk to us as if we were a colony, and they want to impose measures and political decisions on us as if we were a colony. No! They should be clear that Nicaragua is no longer a colony, and that Sandino is precisely the starting point when Nicaragua stopped being a colony.

And today we say to our People, that with every pride, as Children of Sandino, well, we have to continue engaging in this struggle for Peace, with Sandino, with our Heroes and Martyrs, with the Workers, with the Peasants, all together waging this struggle for Peace, and not allowing, not permitting anyone to turn us into a colony, or even worse, like those who make a living visiting other countries to call for Intervention, to call for aggression against Nicaragua; in other words, stooping to the very lowest level in terms of lack of respect, lack of dignity for their families, for their children, for the Nicaraguan people.

This is a People that has earned the Right to be respected, and those who still do not understand it, need to understand it once and for all, and join this struggle for Peace.

Long live Sandino!

Sandino Lives... His Struggle Continues!

And Long Live Nicaragua, Blessed and Forever Free!

Declarations of Compañera Rosario, Vice President of Nicaragua,
after the Ceremony in Commemoration of the 126th Birth Anniversary of General Augusto C. Sandino

May 18th 2021

Good evening, beloved Families of this Blessed Nicaragua. The first thing I want to emphasize is the Blessing of being Nicaraguan, of living in Nicaragua, of loving one another as Nicaraguans, of endeavoring every day, to work in Peace, to live in tranquility, to work, to study and to prosper. That is the meaning of our lives, to advance every day in Work, Security, Stability and Peace.

Nicaragua, always, always Dignified, always, always Sovereign, and always, always Free, in Liberty, in Dignity, in Fraternity, that we strive for and preserve Peace !

The natural thing for a Human Being is to love the Land where they were born, the Sky also under which we were born. To love the Nation, to love God above all things, to love our Sisters and Brothers, to love our Neighbors, and to love the very Ground where we were born, and this Sky under which we were born, the Sky, this Nicaraguan Sky, Blue and White, full of Light, full of Colors too. One has only  to look at the sunsets and see the skies, or the Auroras and the Albas, every day.

The Ground, and the Sky, the Prodigies of Our Lord God and, among those Prodigies of the Creator, of the Heavenly Father, is that we, the Nicaraguans, after a long history of struggle for our National Dignity, are well aware of our Cultural, Historical, Heroic Heritage.

We are aware that it is up to us to defend that Dignity, and to do so always conscious that Peace is the Way, our Dignity, our Sovereignty, the Right we have to live as a Country and as a People that deserves Respect, the Right we have to be in our Families, because we are very determined Families, in terms of our capacity for work. And so many girls, boys, young people, adolescents, who all go to school every day, to the Technical and Technological Schools, to the Schools of our various academic cycles, Primary, Secondary, and Pre-School which are now everywhere; Primary, Secondary, and then High School studies also in the countryside, and University courses also in the countryside.

How far we have come, by the Grace of God...! How far we have advanced with this sustained effort, with our courage as Nicaraguans, every day!

We bless God the Father, we bless God the Son, we bless God the Holy Spirit, and we say to ourselves, this People of ours that we all are, these families that look to the future, we deserve Respect. And we say, we say to ourselves and we say also to those who appear to be denatured, or unnatural People, because they do not love their Nation, they do not love their People, because they think like foreigners, like those  people who invade, who occupy, who interfere and who seek to continue dominating the world's Peoples....

To those People who have no Conscience of what is natural, who have no Conscience of Duty, who feel no Duty to the Land where they were born, to the Sky under which they were born, nor the Duty to unite with each other in order to progress... To advance in the fight against Poverty, which is what we are doing every day. To advance in the struggle for the Common Good. To unite around the Common Good. And to move forward defending Life in all its forms, in all its manifestations, from the Mother's womb.

That is our Culture. It is no other. We are not Europeans. We are not from what some call the First World. We are Nicaraguans and we have a Culture of Faith, of Values, and of Family too, a Family supportive at all times, supporting unconditionally; there are always exceptions, but they are a minority.

What do we Nicaraguans want? What do we commit ourselves to today, May 18th? To continue walking the path of Peace, as our route, as our Way, invariable, unwavering, irrevocable. Peace as the Way, Peace and Good, Peace and our Values, our Identity, our Culture. Peace is also our way of being.

Today our Comandante Daniel has spoken extensively about the Right we have to live in Peace, the Right we have to be respected, the Right we have to follow our own our Social, Economic, Cultural, Political Processes. No one can come and tell us what we have to do.... No one!

We have not given that Right to anyone, therefore, as proud Nicaraguans, as Nicaraguans full of Honor and Patriotic Love, we say: Leave us in Peace! And to those who want to interfere, we say: You cannot, because you could not, nor will you prevail against the Honor, the Serenity, the Sense of Dignity of Nicaragua's Families, who want Work, Security and Peace, who want to live with Love!

We do not want to feel that citizens from other countries, we do not want to feel or have to live with them thinking they are the owners.... They are not the owners of our Territory, they are not the owners of our Work, they are not the owners of our Souls. We are Beings, Human Beings and Spiritual Beings, and that Spirit is ours, it cannot be dominated by those who believe they can dominate the World.

Let us remember, as we were saying at noon today, we live in very complicated times, we are living a pandemic that is affects everyone, especially the most impoverished. Let us not believe that some expressions or images of Power are in fact Power. The truth is that, before God's Design, human beings can do nothing or very little; that is why we always say, have God before us, love God above all things, and be clear that not a leaf moves without the Power of God making Himself manifest.

From that Faith and Confidence, from that Consciousness of Sovereignty, of Dignity, of Love for God and Love for the Nation, and Love among ourselves, we affirm: We Go Forward! We are nobody's Colony ! Our President said it, we have said it many times, we repeat it: We are nobody's Colony!

And to those who believe they have the right to dominate us, to subdue us, to interfere, or have the right to manage us. Why? We say to them: We do not accept Foreign Powers, or what are believed to be Powers, we do not admit interference, foreign agents directing our Lives. We say it with the same Respect that we would like you to have for us.

To each one of those who want to continue interfering, we say: Enough is enough! Blessed and Forever Free Nicaragua, says to you as Friends, as Brothers and Sisters in the Great Universal Fraternity, all together, but our Processes, our Land, our Struggles are Sovereign. And we go forward with our Faith, that always defends us, that always distinguishes us, and we go forward with the Great Power of God that flows over the Great Universal Fraternity.

The Great Power of God that bestows Love on our Nicaragua, and with Love we can do anything, with Love we overcome everything... Let's Go Forward !

Today, May 18th, warm embraces to Blanca Segovia, again to all the Family, and embraces to all the descendants too of the Generals and Soldiers of the Army in Defense of the National Sovereignty of Nicaragua: Example, Mystique, Heritage, Heroic Heritage, Cultural Heritage of this Nicaragua, Always, Always full of Love, Faith and Trust in God.

Warm embraces to all Homes and Families. Let's go forward! Let us do so, because we are certain that our Path is the Path to a Future of Justice for All, to a Future of Prosperity thanks to our Work, which is great, which is immense, and to a Future of Respect, because that is what we deserve. Thank you, Compañer@s.