Nicaragua expresses deep appreciation for the Life of Ramsey Clark

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Gobierno de Reconciliación y Unidad Nacional
Unida Nicaragua Triunfa


The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity and in a special manner President-Comandante Daniel Ortega Saavedra and Comrade Rosario Murillo, express to the Nicaraguan People and the International Community, their deep appreciation for the Life of Permanent Solidarity with the Just Causes of the Peoples of the World, to our Dear Comrade, the Distinguished Fighter, Ramsey Clark, who passed to another Plane of Life today, in New York City, United States.

The biography of our great Friend Ramsey Clark and his trajectory of Struggle and Support to those of us who we have always demanded Justice, Dignity and Sovereignty for our Peoples, distin- guishes him as a Man of Peace, Integrity, Disci- pline, and clear Commitment to Humanity and its Highest Ideals and Values.

Ramsey Clark, a Brother and Friend of Nicaragua, of Daniel, of the Chancellor of Dignity, Father Miguel d'Escoto, was near us at all times; He visited us countless times, and was distinguished by a Love that withstood all tests, both from his Institutional Positions, as well as when he was Attorney General of the United States, and later in so many other moments and events in recent History.

With the unfailing Love and eternal gratitude of the Nicaraguan Families, today we bid him fare- well, expressing to your Family, your daughter Rhonda, your sister Mimi, your granddaughters Whitney, Taylor and Paige, your niece Julie, your daughter-in-law Cheryl, to your friends and to so many others that remember him with admiration, our most sincere and profound appreciation.

Managua, 10, April 2021
Government of Reconciliation
and National Unity

His personal relationship with Nicaragua.

* He visited Nicaragua in the early years of the Revolution and met with Comandante Daniel Ortega. (@ 1980)

* He met with Comandante Tomás Borge and later they jointly visited the prison where Tomás had been during the dictatorship and where former members of the National Guard were. Ramsey was impressed with the treatment they were given and that there was no death penalty. (@ 1980). He Returned repeatedly in the 1980s and thereafter.

* He was an informal legal advisor to Father Miguel regarding the case that Nicaragua brought before to The Hague against the Unit- ed States. (1983-1985)

* He collaborated with DOS and Father Miguel in their efforts in 1990 to prevent the First Gulf War. (1990-1991)

* He was the main advisor on international law to Father Miguel during his presidency of the 63rd period of the UN General Assembly, providing valuable ideas on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, the so-called “responsibility to protect” - the new jargon to mask the old practice of wars of aggression - and the much-needed reform of the United Nations. (2008-2009)

* He gave inputs to Father Miguel during the elaboration of the Proposal for the Reinvention of the UN, and even wrote the Foreword to it. (2010-2011)

* He was an advisor to Father Miguel when the government commissioned him to travel to New York to oppose and try to stop the US and NATO war against Libya. (2011)

* He was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa in Human- ities by UNAN-Managua in recognition of a life of service for the most vulnerable and in defense of Human Rights around the world. (30 Nov 2012)

* His last visit to Nicaragua was in January 2014. He visited the pottery artisans in San Juan de Oriente, he went to Granada, Port Salvador Allende, and very particularly, he visited Los Pipitos in the company of his granddaughter Taylor and daughter-in-law Cheryl. We celebrated a mass at the Father's ranch to remember his son Tom and friend Bar- bara Omier, who passed away the previous year.

He leaves a daughter, Rhonda.