Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition Newsletter - May 23rd 2023

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May 23, 2023: Nicaragua’s Advances; Nicaraguan Afro-Descendants’ Self-Determination

May 23, 2023 Newsletter

Student Natalie Bent at school in Bluefields

Student Natalie Bent at school in Bluefields Foto: Webydo

Inspiring social and economic advances in Nicaragua A summary of the gains made under the present Sandinista leadership.

Nicaraguan Afro-Descendant Self-Determination Conversation with Nicaragua’s former Minister Advisor for International Affairs & the Caribbean, Valdrack Jaentschke. He discusses the restoration of rights under the Sandinista Revolution in the Caribbean coastal regions where Afro-descendant and Indigenous peoples have government recognized and supported autonomy.

2. Webinars
May 28: The View from the Ground: What We Experienced in Nicaragua in 2018 The four speakers (Coleen Littlejohn, John Perry, Becca Renk, and Nils McCune) discuss living through the April-July 2018 US-backed coup attempt and how the experience has affected them

June 3: International Peoples Tribunal on Nicaragua This important tribunal will receive expert testimony on how sanctions and other coercive measures have affected the well-being of Nicaragua and its people.

3. Upcoming Delegations to Nicaragua
Delegation for  the 44th anniversary of the revolution seefull itinerary.

June 19-26 delegation: Voltage and Volcano Brigade Casa Ben Linder Visit a geothermal plant, solar installation, biogas, and electrical grid and recharging station projects. 

Internship with Friends of the ATC, July 3 – July 29 “Agroecology & Revolution” 


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