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Libyan People’s National Movement on Media Coverage of the Slave Trade in Libya

Internationalist 360°, November 21st 2017

Unofficial Translation
Official Statement in Arabic

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The Libyan National People’s Movement
About the Media Coverage of the Slave Trade in Libya

The Libyan People’s National Movement (LPNM) has followed the recent news about the sale and purchase of human beings in the southern and western regions, the great alarm of the leaders of African countries and the threat of direct military intervention, as well as demonstrations in front of the Libyan embassies of the National Reconciliation Government in Western nations.

The Movement denounces the public opinion that this crime reflects Libyan moral and political degeneration. The international community bears responsibility for transforming Libya from a secure and stable state to a failed state, an incubator for terrorism and a slave market. The trade of migrants is a result of the 2011 intervention and aggression and the overthrow of the Jamahiriya and that calamity enabled terrorists and criminals to control the country. Libya has since become the seat of terrorism and criminal gangs engaged in the trafficking of human beings. All this happened under the international tutelage of the Security Council. Before 2011, under Libya’s revolutionary leadership, the nation was a preeminent  force promoting African development, African independence and Libya directly contributed to the liberation of African people from slavery, racism, exploitation, poverty and social deprivation.

The Libyan People’s National Movement recalls Western racist practices against Africa and Africans, which is the primary cause of the suffering of Africans today.

The Movement holds the Presidential Council of the so-called Reconciliation Government, its umbrella institutions, and the militias, fully responsible for human rights violations and crimes against humanity, which include human trafficking, as well as the European Mafia which manages and finances the displacement of Africans.

The Movement recalls Libyan citizens being subjected to repressive operations before  the eyes of the world, and perhaps the worst of them is the extortion of the families of abductees.

The Movement calls upon the international community and the International Criminal Court to deal with this case and prosecute local and international bodies, individuals and organizations involved in these heinous crimes, which bring to mind painful memories of the slavery and servitude of the past.

The Movement renews its solidarity with those who uphold human rights and calls on African countries to shoulder their responsibilities towards their citizens.

The Movement calls on African countries to help the Libyan people get free of the imperialist plot so that Libyans can restore an African nation capable of meeting its commitments to its African brothers.

Freedom to the homeland and sovereignty of the people.

Libyan National People’s Movement
Issued in the city of Benghazi on Tuesday, 21/11/2017