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Behind NATO's propaganda outlet for progressives - the Guardian's board members

Tortilla con Sal, July 3rd 2013

In this conversation Jorge and toni discuss the underlying reality over which the revelations by Edward Snowden have been laid to camouflage the ground people think they are covering. 

For anyone foolish enough to believe that the revelations of Edward Snowden are not carefully managed by the US-Anglo oligarchy, pay attention please to the information below about the Guardian Media Group board members and the board members of the Scott Trust which owns Guardian Media Group.

It is completely disingenuous for anyone to suggest that the Guardian reports on Edward Snowden's revelations are much more than a carefully managed propaganda exercise  deployed in the internal power struggle of the US-Anglo elite about how best to manage their declining global power and influence.

Likewise, it is absurd to suggest that the Guardian editors are implementing a "publish and be damned" policy, as Guardian writer Glenn Greenwald has suggested, when it is inconceivable that their editorial policy on publishing Edward Snowden's material will not have been closely coordinated on the basis of the Board's relations with colleagues in the British government, in British intelligence and in the US-Anglo corporate sector.

The most likely outcome is that the Guardian and its fellow NATO propaganda outlet the Washington Post will wear Edward Snowden like a pair of shoes to get to where they want to go and then dump him the way they did Julian Assange.


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Notes on the Guardian Media Group and Scott Trust boards based on information from their respective web sites :

* the Chair of the Board of the Guardian Media Group, the company that runs the Guardian, is Dame Amelia Fawcett CBE and Dame Commander OBE, former head of Morgan Stanley's banking business in Europe.
* the editor of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, is a governor of the Ditchley Foundation a non-profit founded
"to promote international understanding and relations, especially Anglo-American relations". Rusbridger, supporter of mass-murdering NATO aggression against Serbia, Libya and Syria, hobknobs with fellow Ditchley Foundation war-mongers David Cameron, John Major, Lord George Robertson, Malcolm Rifkind, Jack Straw, Lord Carrington, Peter Mandelson and dozens of other acolytes of the NATO war machine

also on the board are

* Andrew Miller, previously with Pepsico and Procter & Gamble.
* Neil Berkett, chief executive officer of Virgin Media, previously with Lloyds TSB plc (UK), Prudential Assurance Company Ltd UK, St George Bank, Eastwest Airlines Australia and ICL Australia.
* Ronan Dunne chief executive officer of Telefónica UK Ltd (O2) also a member of the Telefónica Europe plc board and chairman of Tesco Mobile, previously with Banque Nationale de Paris plc.
* Judy Gibbons, formerly  corporate vice-president of MSN Global Sales & Marketing at Microsoft.
* Brent Hoberman, a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum and a UK Business Trade Ambassador.
* Nigel Morris, chief executive officer of Aegis Media Americas and Aegis Media EMEA  and a speaker at the World Economic Forum.
* John Paton, chief executive officer of Digital First Media also a member of the Board of Advisors for the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism and a member of the board of directors of El Pais.
* the previous Guardian Media Group CEO Carolyn McCall, formerly non-executive director of Lloyd's Banking Group and of the Tesco supermarket chain, is now CEO of the Easyjet airline

The Guardian is owned by the Scott Trust, on whose board in recent years have figured

* Dame Liz Forgan DBE, former managing director of BBC network radio
* Anthony Salz, executive vice-chariman of Rothschild's Bank
*Jonathan Scott, Ambac Assurance UK, a director of KPMG Corporate Finance and of the global corporate financial giant SBC Warburg

So when Gleen Greenwald announces via Skype to the cheers of a US socialist conference his faith in the integrity of the Guardian's senior editors what one is witnessing seems to be the abandonment by a broad sector of the North American neocolonial Left of any vestigial anti-imperialist common sense they may once have had .