MUNDO : El Panopticón estadounidense es mucho más que PRISM y X-Keyscore
(traducido de 3 de agosto de 2013

El programa X-Keyscore de la NSA, miembro de la familia del ciberespionaje

Xll ALBA Summit in Ecuador - Declaration of ALBA from the Pacific
gracias a AlbaTv, 31 de julio 2013

On Tuesday, July 30th,the leaders of the member States of the Bolivarian Alliance of the peoples of the Americas – Peoples Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) met in Guayaquil, Ecuador and later gave the following declaration:

MUNDO : Declaración del ALBA desde el Pacífico
gracias a AlbaTv, 31 de julio 2013

Este martes 30 de julio, los presidentes de los estados integrantes de la Alianza Bolivariana para los pueblos de América - Tratado de Comercio de los pueblos (ALBA - TCP) se runieron en Guayaquil, tras lo cual dieron a conocer una declaración, que compartimos.

Barack Obama's Fishy Bed

toni solo, July 20th 2013


Unless their perpetrators suffer some strategic defeat, NATO country crimes against humanity will continue until those countries' criminal leaders and their corporate masters plunge the planet into final catastrophe. Their profound evil perpetuates their societies' genocidal history of slavery and colonialism. Nothing absolves their complicity and criminal negligence in mass murder they have sanctioned and promoted against peoples around the world for decades.

Henri Alleg, le plus Algérien des Français

Reflections on the category "journalism" and the revelations by Edward Snowden

tortilla con sal, July 7th 2013

Behind NATO's propaganda outlet for progressives - the Guardian's board members

Tortilla con Sal, July 3rd 2013

In this conversation Jorge and toni discuss the underlying reality over which the revelations by Edward Snowden have been laid to camouflage the ground people think they are covering. 

For anyone foolish enough to believe that the revelations of Edward Snowden are not carefully managed by the US-Anglo oligarchy, pay attention please to the information below about the Guardian Media Group board members and the board members of the Scott Trust which owns Guardian Media Group.

Edward Snowden

William Blum, The Anti-Empire Report #118, June 26th, 2013

USA:s avhoppade underrättelseagent får politisk asyl i Ecuador?

Av Dick Emanuelsson.

Vad händer i Brasilien?

Av Jorge Capelåan,

REGION : Miguel D´Escoto - "Estados Unidos puede y quiere invadir Venezuela"

Correo del Orinoco, 12 junio 2013

El ex Presidente de la Asamblea General de la ONU advierte que los representantes del imperio son ladrones y asesinos. “Son capaces de hacer cualquier barbaridad por obtener lo que buscan”, dijo

CÔTE D'IVOIRE : La CPI se révèle n'être qu'un autre Guantanamo

América Latina está cada vez más cerca de China

Entrevista con el profesor Xu Shicheng del Instituto de Estudios Latinoamericanos de la Academia China de Ciencias Sociales, compartió su opinión respecto a uno de los tópicos más importantes de este momento: la visita del presidente Xi a tres países latinoamericanos.

DPRK : Korea and the enigma of the West

toni solo, May 25th 2013

Western corporate media descriptions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea vary between portrayals of irrational, aggressive inhumanity and patronizing dismissals of a bizarre enigma. Nothing more completely characterizes Western intellectual production, especially its corporate news-entertainment production, than this psychotic failure to step outside its own crackpot frame of reference. The real global enigma today is how the populations of North America and Europe continue to swallow their own absurdly false self-image.

The Vision of Malcolm X: The Program of the Organization of Afro-American Unity

Beyond theory - the practice of building socialism in Latin America

toni solo and Jorge Capelán, May 7th 2013

For the imperial propaganda machine, leftist Latin American governments and political leaders are either too leftist, not really leftist, or blind fanatics, as well as being shrewdly machiavellian, capitalists in red clothing, enemies of the market and scores of other contradictory pairs of things all at once.

WORLD : The Historical Significance of Mao Zedong

Henry C.K. Liu (廖子光), January 1st 2013

This article appeared in AToL on April 13, 21013

MONDE : Les Pacifistes de Tunis

L'AFRIQUE : les «révélations» de cinq traîtres du martyr anti-impérialiste Mouammar Al-Gaddafi

La revue néocoloniale Jeune Afrique vend les «révélations» de cinq traîtres du martyr anti-impérialiste Mouammar Al-Gaddafi

LIBIA - El genocidio silenciado - testimonio directo


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